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    HI, am a newbie C: i wont bite unless provoked. ​
    I am always up for a good Role-play. Prefer Historical themed Role-plays. Open to anything at the moment though.Romance (Mature mainly) is another big favorite of mine followed by Mystery and Paranormal/mythical.If you are a grammar Nazi, then i am not the kind for you, i try but i am not the best at grammar.
  2. Welcome fellow newcomer. I'm sure you'd enjoy it here. I've had a warm welcome even if it's just one person for the time being so I'd like to emulate such hospitality also.

    I am not a "grammatic fanatic". As long as I could more or less understand what the lines are stating, I don't care too much for the technicalities of the statement. I'm quite familiar with historical and romance types but I've not had much experience in the paranormal and mystery although I find them very fascinating also. It would be even brilliant to mix and match your said genres :)
  3. Thanks, for the welcome. :cow:

    I would love to set up a role play with you, if you are willing. Paranormal and Mystery are easy themes for a role-play, once you get going, so i doubt you would have much trouble.
  4. I'd take you up on that offer when the opportunity presents itself. I know I stated in my intro thread that I'm leaning more towards "jump in" types but I could really get going even for a more formal one (not necessarily long-term RP) when I have the drive. And being honest to my interests, I can't help but also state that romance (M) is also very appealing to me. ^^;

    Anywho, it's just a bit more important to set up the time especially when ones involved may be living in different time zones of significant difference. But other than that, I'm up for most anything.
  5. The whole Time-Zone thing, is going to be a pain. I must admit. I do have weekends off, but i can always guarantee my response.

    Mature Romance is appealing to nearly everyone, its a great chance to basically write out your own P0rn story line. Just in a well detailed kinda way. ^^;

    I willing to start when every the mood strikes you.
  6. Response-wise, I don't mind the long wait in between lines. Also if there might be prolonged waiting, it would be helpful to let the person know just so you avoid the chance of feeling ignored. Btw, in which time zone do you reside in? No need to name the place if you deem it personal.

    Haha well you are right about that one. The details could be very pleasurable to the senses, especially the mind. And yes you could say I have the time as I have Mondays off in addition to Saturdays. (yeah weird schedule lol)
  7. Personally i dont even know my time own time zone, Basically what ever Time-Zone Australia resides in is my time zone.
  8. UTC/GMT +9:30 hours

    Forgot i could google it
  9. Oh I forgot to mention, I've started a conversation in your inbox in case you missed it. I think it's better to talk there than in the intro thread. Don't want to be hogging the welcome posts. ^^;
  10. Hello, and welcome to Iwaku. Here, we don't support Grammar Nazis either. Our glorious leader has gifted us with Grammar Communism - our posts are the people's posts, for all to share.

    Anyway, welcome to the site, comrade. If you want anything, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.
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  11. I have seen you before on this thread. In particular the previous one I was on you started a conversation. It's nice to see someone else who is unafraid of strangers.