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  1. I'm new here, but not exactly new to roleplaying. I tend to create one or two major characters and stick with them as they move through different plots.
  2. Hello and welcome.
  3. Welcome and I prefer making a few deep characters to making a bunch of shallow ones. Anyways, I'm Hunter and hope you love the site!
  4. Hello! Welcome!
    I have only a few characters two, and just VERY small tweaks to them!
    If you are looking for any roleplays, feel free to message me, and I can work something out. Cause all mine died -.- along with my soul....
  5. Enjoy the fact that this is a site and that there is RPing here.

    *Tosses you a cupcake with ocean blue frosting, star-shaped sprinkles, and a tiny plastic surfboard sticking out of it*

    Welcome to the site. ^^