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xXcountess saikuXx

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The name is Saiku and I'm a new recruit! (props to miru/necko).

Met necko on xbox PSU!
Engaged to Oushida
College student
and mildly insane in the membrane (but that just makes things fun)

Likes to bite
Likes to play rough
Hi Saiku! Welcome to the community! Where many people here like to bite and play rough, so I think you'll do just fine! .___.
Hello! What Diana said is very very true! Once you get enough posts to join the Cbox you'll understand what we mean! Enjoy Iwaku!
Hi there!
I recruited Miru, so I'm sort of like your grandmommy.
But mommy will do just fine.
I'm Kitti!
Don't bite me LOL
Welcome to Iwaku :P
Lemme know if you need anything :)
The cat-boy brought you, huh?

*Glares at Saiku critically, then raises his fist and strikes a MANLY POSE*
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku. The name is Pirogeth, or Piro. I do a monthly letter with the help o' me crew and I also enjoy a good ol' fashion role play. So that covers most of my bases. Enjoy your time here!

Writing in the Moonlight,

Hi Thar!

Nice to meet you. Welcome to the site and all that

On a related note you have just provoked me starting a thread. CURSE YOU!
Welcome to Iwaku! Enjoy your stay! Watch out for the tentacles! <3
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

*walks off into the shadows*
Lets see if i can respond to you all.
*takes deep breath* Hi; diana, tuxedo, kitti, sakura, grumpy, piro, slyen, seiji, and ike! *pants*
Thank you for the warm welcome!
I'm looking forward to joining an RP or two. Just waiting for the perfect timing is all. :P

Diana- I certainly hope i do well. I've heard so much about everyone. Unfortunatly I don't post often due to school and PSU taking over my life. >_<

Tuxedo- yeah. I'm hoping to join that soon. Been reading it and i most say that some of the conversations are.... interesting to say the least.

Kitti- O_o... *huggles* I'll call you kitti. and thanks for the warm welcome!

Sakura- aww.. no biting you? it's ok. my main victim will show up soon enough. i'll make sure to keep my fangs to myself. :P

Grumpy- Passing judgment already eh? then trying to impress me with your "manly pose"? *raises eyebrow curiously* i'll have to watch out for you...

Piro- Thanks for the welcome. I've heard quite a bit about you and the newsletter from Miru. i look forward to getting to know you.

Slyen-Thanks for the welcome! Cursing me already eh?

Seiji- Tentacles?! Oh my! Thanks for the warning! I'll be sure to avoid them or kill them if they do decide to touch me.

Ike- ...*glares at the shadows for hiding Ike* curse you shadows.
Yes. Yes you will...

*Drops a smokebomb, and is still standing in the same spot when it disspates*

...Well, fuck, time for Plan B.

*Throws tabasco sauce in Saiku's eyes and runs*
*An M-102A4 Paladin IV Final ploughs through a wall and steamrolls Grumpy. Following the heavy tank are leg infantry.*

'Old yer place there, lad...

If yer gonna watch fer any yin 'round 'ere, it'll be me...

Lieutenant Julius Ryker, 8TH Commandos, the Hangin' Patriots.

Ah'll be watchin' yew through me rifle scope.
Carlos, target the infidel!

*The Minigunners drop and cover their ears as the Paladin tank trains it's 127mm cannon at Slyen. Slyen is hit with a Five Inch High Explosive Point Detonating round.*

The proper word is 'you're.'

Be damn lucky Ah didnae call ae nuclear strike.
Note that using an accent is not a word... Just pointing that out Mr. "I'm-going-to-try-and-kill-you-with-a-howitzer"

Therefore you are out of place.
*chuckles* I guess I am cursed Slyen. Thanks to you of course. *takes off my glasses and wipes them on my shirt, gritting my teeth because of the bit of Tabasco that did get in my eyes* Thanks for the help Lieutenant. *puts glasses back on and glares at Grumpy* Your not very nice.
Ah, and Miru makes his appearance in the thread. ^_^
Welcome, Saiku, to the oh-so-grand place that we call Iwaku.
You've met a good bit of the members already, just like I told you. ^_^
As the one who recruited you, if you need help, I'll be too happy to assist.
Though it's a bit easier to do so, seeing how I know you on Live, too.... ^_^
Now we just wait on Oushi.

Nearly two years of acting like a douchebag to people, and only NOW someone points it out?

*Gives Saiku a cookie and flies off to the FUCKIN' MOON*