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Ok so I know this is going to sound retarded but how do you post a roleplay thread of your own?


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If you want a place to talk out of character and signup sheets, you should go to Plot and Signups area to post your idea and everything to get people to join.
You do this by using a button just above the threads called "Post new thread".

You should try to find it so that you know where it is for future reference, but here's a link to posting a new thread in the OOC area, if you would like.


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In addition to what Kitti has so kindly directed you to, if you would like to start a game where people don't have to create characters you can just go ahead and post your opener in the Jump In section!

Gilraen Amandil

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Thanks! ^-^
Kitti you are becoming quite the stalker ;D
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