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  1. My name is Taz, I'm a girly girl who used to pretend I hated Pink because every girl totally adored it but alas, me and Pink were meant to be together. Anyway, I'm not quite 20 years old (but let's just pretend I am) and I used to do a bit of role-play when I was younger, mostly animals though, and a dash of high-school. I remember a time when I was totally absorbed with role-playing and it was so much fun, so I've decided to give it another shot. My skills are probably a bit rusty but here I am...saying hi...feeling a bit awkward...but I can't wait to get started.
  2. Hello, Taz! Welcome to Iwaku! ^^

    I'm Hiro. I was in your same situation when I came here a week and a half ago. I used to roleplay a lot too but then stopped for several years and now I'm back into it. I'm sure you'll fit right in and find some fun RPs.
  3. Are you really in Africa? o__o That's kinda groovy! (I'm collecting global members like stamps! 8D )

    Welcome to the community! XD
  4. Hi Taz, I'm October, nice to meet you.

    Welcome to Iwaku. You picked a good place to sharpen your skills, as well as meet some awesome RP partners. Glad you decided to join and if you need anything, just ask.
  5. Haha. I've always been a pink lover so you and I will get along well! ;D

    For roleplays, check out the Roleplay Sign Ups Board. You'll find all kinds of roleplays to join in there!

    If you fancy something without the character creation and plot extravaganza, we have a whole section for Jump In Roleplays!

    Ah, you're from Uganda, but now you're in Ohio? Nice!

    What was Uganda like? Do you have pictures? I'd love to see!

    I mean, googling a place for images is easy and all, but personal pictures always have stories to tell :D

  6. Wow, thanks for making me feel welcome. And I was actually born in Uganda, moved to Ohio when I was seven and then came back (To UG) when I was 13 and sure, I could show you some pictures, it's a beautiful place. When I joined boarding school I sort of lost touch with the whole role-playing, trying to deal with all the new stuff plus the culture shock, glad I'm here though. And Diana, I've never imagined myself as a stamp...but I think I can work with it :)
  7. Hi Tazmin ^.^ I, like Sakura, also love pink, so we will definitely get along!! ^__^ Also, that is awesome that you are from Africa! It's nice to meet you ^^'

    I am like you, I just joined last month, but prior to that I hadn't role played since my middle school years! So if you feel anything like me... Then you are super nervous to jump into a role play, but I can say from experience, that everyone is super nice, so don't worry! You'll feel like you fit right in ^^