Newbie on campus!

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  1. Well, then. Hello, everyone! I'm Snowday (you can call me Snow or Snowy or whatever you like), and I really like snowboarding. I'm no professional, but I enjoy it very much - enough to dedicate my Iwaku account to it, obviously.

    But hey, you wanna know what else I really love? Writing. Oh dear lord, writing! I was a very active member of another roleplaying site, but after about a year and a half, I got a bit fed up with some moderation issues. So as of today, I'm here. Not new to roleplaying, not by a long shot, but definitely new to the neighborhood. I won't be as active as most members, as I'm working on a personal writing project that takes up a lot of my time and muse. Otherwise, I'm looking to improve on my skills and get to know all of you rad rad roleplayers.

    Happy shredding!


    *whispers* also snowy is impartial to snowboarding roleplays and would probably scream and join immediately if you had one and wanted to show her thank you that is all
  2. *gets mesmerized by the snowy signature* O__O

    I mean, hello and welcome to the community!
  3. WOAH an admin! Hey hey!

    As much as I'm going to miss my old roleplay site, this place is seriously high tech. Congrats on your killer roleplay forum.

    Like, for reals? Advertisement banners? This is brand new to me - and really, really cool.