Newbie needs help :P



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Uhm... >__>
i has a question... When you reply to stuff, you just hit the "reply quick.." something button right?
and, if you want to join a group.. wheres the addy/join button clicky thing? >___>
Hey again! Yes, to reply to a thread, you can type in your post and hit "Post Quick Reply". You can also hit "+Reply to Thread" above the text box, or hit "Go Advanced", and it will change the page to a bigger text box with more fancy options!

If you want to join a group, go to the bar with the group's name on it, and then mouse over to "Group Tools". Clicking on that will open a drop-down menu, and you can hit "Join Group" from there!

Hope that helps!
oooo i has another question.. i probablly wont be on for weekend, because im working -__-
lkasdklashfkghsgfb!! (spasm over)

do i need to notify any of the.. um.. people? LOLOL XD
idk how this works
You can put that you'll be gone for the weekend in this thread, or you can edit your status by clicking the little pencil next to "No Status Input" over your forum icon to say how long you'll be gone. :]
In your profile (and right there under your name when you view your posts) you can input a status to let people know if you're away or available. :D

[edit] Ozzie beat me!