Newbie Mixer?

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How do you feeelll?

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  1. Yes! I think this would be a marvelous idea.

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  2. No! I think this really isn't needed. (tell me why)

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    This idea has been tried before, but it didn't really get off the ground which made me rather sad! D: Because, I mean like, who doesn't want to socially mix?! Zen has her bar nights which have gone wonderfully! There is an Open Mic Night ran by Cosmic! There is Karaoke Night ran by me! Diana runs various chatrps! There are events that get people to mingle, but what about the new ones who are scared? This is where Newbie Mixer comes in!

    Why not have an afternoon/night devoted to the new members of Iwaku! :D It would be once a month, in the Conference box, where some staffers and older members come to simply welcome the newer members of this here community! Yes, we have chatbox, but that can be really scary as a newblet... I should know. I think that if they had a night devoted to them, they would truly feel welcome and maybe stick around for like ever.

    So, tell me what y'all think.
  2. I think this would be a really good idea. I know that when I first came onto Iwaku I had gone into the cbox and back then when I was a newbie it definitely seemed like a clique to me. That actually turned me away from going back into the cbox and then I fell off the site until I came back around 6 months later. So having some kind of event would be pretty nice and probably take away any ideas that the cbox is a clique, which I no longer think it is.
  3. That would be a good idea, Celest. The Cbox can definitely be intimidating for a newbie. Hell, even though I've known Iwaku for 6 years, I sometimes feel scared going there with the random caps lock, booze talk, and pervy discussions. >__> Totes inappropes. A time when the newbies can comfortably go in and 'mix' would help ease the tension for sure. Maybe invite some of the oldbies too, as long as they promise to behave? That way you have an even bigger variety of people getting blended. :3

    I bet you could come up with some fun games and/or discussions, too. Sticky a link to threads where they can answer questions about themselves, or something... Have a weekly newbie topic? Whatever you do, it will be awesome I'm sure.
  4. I have actually been thinking about games! Maybe, have different discussion questions, staff Q&As... ummmmm... Stuff like that!

    If y'all have any suggestions then that would be great. Shoot me PMs or VMs ^.^ Whatevs.
  5. I love this idea! Giving newbies a "safe" time to have real time discussion and interaction with people willing to answer their questions and not troll them.
  6. I agree that this would be a very nice idea. When I signed up for the site, I did not frequent the CBox at all because I had no incentive to and I did not know that a lot of community happenings took place there. Having an event like this would fix that problem and would integrate new people into the community quickly.
  7. I love it! I'm not necessarily a "newbie" but I still never venture into the chat because I don't feel like I know any users who frequent it.
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