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  1. Hi there, my name's Red. I'm a guy from the western part of the U.S. I'm new to online roleplaying, though I'm familiar with the concept - and I feel I can do it successfully. I would really appreciate an invite to a game. You can check out my resume, or just message me for any questions.
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    Welcome to Iwaku!

    There are so many helpful places for newbies on this site!

    One of the first places you should stop at is the Iwaku Wiki right
    Here. The wiki just kinda gives you an overview of what Iwaku is all about.

    Roleplay Academy is a great place for finding workshops for writing.

    If you want a mentor to help you while you're here on Iwaku there's always the
    Mentor Request Thread. Read the Mentors' Strengths and Weaknesses and request one, or just ask for a random mentor! They are all phenomenal at helping out their fellow roleplayers!

    See you around on Iwaku :3
  3. Hello Red, welcome to Iwaku. I'm sure you'll find roleplays to join soon, :D. Happy bunny hunt--writing. <_<;;