Newbie! Looking for an Rp partner

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  1. I'm looking for a role player that roleplays in fantasy and horror. Like the title says, I'm new here and looking for a partner. 1x1 please.
  2. Well, this caught my eye since...
    • This was one of the more recent discussions.
    • I'm a newbie too.
    May I know a bit more about this rp? :3
  3. How about we start in apocalypse world where the race of your character and the race of my character are in an all out war, and then your character and my character fall in love eventually making it forbidden love.
  4. Sounds good ^^ What races would be available for us to pick from?
  5. Vampire

    These are just some of the races I thought of, It's really up to you. Any race you want to be.
  6. may we be 3? Pleeeeeeeeeease? i could be the best friend of some of you that will put you both in unconfortable situations.
  7. I'm thinking of choosing a hybrid between an elf and a vampire, if that's fine with you. Any preference on character genders? I'm flexible and can handle m/m, f/m and f/f. :3 After that, I'm guessing you'd wanna start?

    And hello Lithël Aelfwine, I can't really say anything on this matter, it depends on Jin's decision. ^^"
  8. Would you guys ever so mind a fourth person?
  9. rainbow, None answered me, so if you want we could do something
  10. If you're still looking for a 1x1 I'm interested in vampires. PM me