Newbie in Need

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  1. Hello there folks, I'm new to these parts and really just dying to roleplay.

    I like to play multiple characters. I'd prefer you do the same, but if we can work out a story that doesn't require it that's cool. I play both genders, all ages and races and sizes and sexualities. Obviously, I'm pretty handy with that there spelling and grammar. I'd prefer that you were the same. This is for your own benefit, as if you're not up to par I'll be constantly correcting you, and I've been told that's annoying.
    I like anything with a fantastical base. I've got a couple ideas, but they're open to edits or we can do what you're craving. As stated, I'm just feelin' needy.

    I'd like to do something Wild West-ish, with some kind of magical twist.
    I'd like to try something with Middle Eastern mythology (djinns and the like).
    I always love a good gritty, near-future noir of some kind. Spies, mercenaries, hackers, whatever.

    If I've left out anything usually considered crucial, please let me know. Same goes for questions/comments/suggestions. Your time and assistance are appreciated!
  2. I'd like to roleplay with you! I do enjoy a rp better when there are multiple characters on both sides, so this will work out great! I'm on a fantasy kick right now, too, so -suppresses evil laugh-. Right. I've a couple ideas, but I want to hear your own beforehand!
  3. What I posted on your page just this morning =) So Yes! Either of those would please me, or if there's something else you had in mind...? There's no such thing as too many ideas ;)
  4. intrested