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  1. Call me Kera

    Girl and i just turned 18

    Fantasy buff right here

    I usaually play elves, but the ones that are tall and elegent not the ones that work for santa

    Wolf Packs all the way

    What Doesn't Kill you makes you stronger~!
  2. defently not elves that work 4 santa
  3. its magic magic magic
  4. Hya there! Welcome to Iwaku! I am Satrina
  5. Hello there
  6. 'ello
  7. Pleasure to meet you. How are you?
  8. pritty good u?
  9. Been better xD Just waiting for spring break :3
  10. ahh spring break the better of the breaks
  11. meh.summer break is awesomely amazing-er
  12. Yes, a rest from school, that is all I want!
  13. mmhh!!!!!!!!!! preach it sister
  14. *squeezes in and stuff*

    Herlo, Kera, and welcome to Iwaku! Seems you have gotten all good and friendly with some members! That's good! Congrats on already turning 18! Yay, now you can do minor legal stuffs before you turn 21!

    Stop by the
    Roleplayers Academy for fun exercises to increase your writings, sign up for mentors, and learning things that will better help your rp life! Also, drop by the cbox sometime to talk to the members at will without constantly posting to this thread! None of them will bite I think! :D
  15. I'll do so
  16. OMFG KERA!

    YOU HAVE MY NAME!!!!!! And you do what I do.... o.o!



    Welcome btw :P Pleased to meet my own namesake. Hope you have fun ^^