Newbie here looking for a MSN messenger RPG partner

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It seems kinda pointles to submit a new thread here since it seems there is already so many of them.

Anyway, to tell the truth I didn't make an account here to actually play here but to find an English speaking person to play RPG on MSN with me. Since I'm a lazy updater it's easier for me to play on MSN. If the context is new to you don't worry. There's actually nothing new. You just write the text on MSN instead of a forum.

So! Here're some things I appreciate in my opponent.

1. You do not make Mary Sue -characters (if you don't know what Mary Sue is, Google is your friend).
2. You like to play it realistically - meaning eg. we can't just decide that the characters love eachother, you have to play it so that your opponents character falls in love with your character.
3. You can play all kinds of characters, not just the one and only.
4. It's a HUGE plus if you like to play REAL characters - meaning you find a real historical person you got so interested in that you want to find out everything about him/her and try to play him/her as authentically as possible. (I don't do that myself but I like it if my opponent does)
5. I hope that you're about same age or older than me. (I was born in 1991)
6. It's nice if we live on the same time zone. (Mine is -2 GMT)

With this info if you got interested, please contact me and we can change MSN addresses. :)

You know, if you stay in a single roleplay community and get to know the members there, it increases your chances of finding fun MSN partners since many people don't like giving info out to strangers. >:D For instance... you should drop in our Cbox and chat people up! Totally worth it.
Thanks for the tip. I think I'll do that. ;)
Hi there Lasilintu! My name is Magentara and I'm a hardcore msn rpger! I love having new msn partners : ) Here's my hotmail if interested ^_^

[email protected] Or just Pm me and we can plot something!
Welcome to Iwaku. We met in the Cbox this morning (well it was morning for me at least) hope you enjoy your time here and if you need anything feel free to ask.
Welcome to Iwaku!
We'd love to turn that laziness around - as a community, there's a lot of fun to be had knowing and playing with more people.
A chance for a larger, more diverse group and plotting out longer, more advanced games.
I'd love to help you try out our style if you'd be willing!
I'm Kitti, by the by, and you're welcome to talk to me about help and questions and the like. :3
[email protected]
Thanks for your reply. *hugs* I'll add you on my MSN list. :)
Ha! I remember you! For me it was evening and I was dead tired.. x) But thanks, I keep that in mind. :)
Hello Finnish person!

Just thought I should say hi after all the Fingasming xD
Hello Brittish person!

Hi there as well. That Fingasaming-thing was funny...x)