Newbie here, but not to RP



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Hey all, Okelliegh here, I've been told this is a great RP site and I'm looking forward to getting into some threads!

I've been into RP for a long time, pend and paper way back when, forum RP in MSN Groups once those opened up... crap I'm starting to show my age, eh?

Anyway, look forward to seeing you all in thread.
Okelliegh Glad you joined man.

Welcome to the site.
Thanks Knight, there are some decent looking threads out there!
Yessir. I'm Maiden_666...did you figure that already>?
... Holy shit! Someone from Florida! I'M NOT ALONE!
Hey man, welcome to Iwaku. OK told us already you've been buddies. Well, any friend of our friends are most assuredly welcomed here.
This here is the Cbox , where you can come in and chat with whoever is on.
Other than that, if you have any questions, feel free to ask OK, me, or any of the mods in Iwaku.
We'll be more than happy to answer any queries.
Later man! Hope to RP with you soon!

Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Zypher, one half of the RP Mod-squad here! If you're looking for a fun RP to join or just need some help feel free to send me a PM anytime! There's also lots of insane fun discussions in the general threads too!
OK I figured you were Maiden when I got that message from you before I had even put up an Avatar pic, brother!

Also, thanks for the warm welcome Redd and Zypher! I look forward to seeing you in thread and you OK was right, seems like a great community around here.
-imagines Okel saying "Brother!" like Liquid Ocelot-

Okay, so here it is, post number 5... the magical removal of restrictions! WooHoo!
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku you have any questions just ask

*walks off into the shadows*
Thanks for the welcome! And apparently the magic number is 6... not 5, regardless of what the Bot tells you. Heh, go figure!
Okelliegh! *glomptackles!* Hiya!!!! :D Welcome to the Iwaku! ^____^ *huggles Senji for new newbie!* <3
Greetings Okelliegh. OK was raving about you in the cbox the other day, so I figured I'd drop in for a quick hello.


No, but seriously, Hope you enjoy your stay with us. You seem like a decent guy.
I think I've just been tackled! Thanks for the welcomes Loveless and Viral! *stands up and dusts himself off* Heh, I haven't had one of those for a while, Loveless! Heh.

Now Viral, don't believe everything OK says. It's not all true, just the good bits!