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That guy named Ed

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HEY HEY HEY, the names Edward.
you can call me ed or eddie or even edward, im from the U.S and i live in cali. Like almost all the newbie ive only done role play one on one and im excited to try out this site. I can work with lilttle parts on a RP form or a lead part, i also dont mind being asked to join a gene, i will enjoy to be playing :)

sooo a little bit more extra info about me
Im very friendly with every one, i love to make friends, and i will allways be in a good mood.

Well if you have any questions or wana be friends allready just message me :p
reply to this:)

well seea
Hello, Edward! I'm Fluffy, or Andi if you prefer. In spirit of Halloween, I'm dressed up as, uh... Well, don't let me explain. It's a long story.

We have lots of fun in store for you. Have a look through our OOCs for something you like. I suggested filling out our Roleplayer's Resume to get you started! That way, people can kidnap you for games or you can kidnap people yourself. :3

One of my usual hangouts is the Writing/Art section of the forum. Have a look at our challenges for vocabulary, post themes and poetry! Feel free to make a showcase, too. We'd be delighted to see any drawings or writings you create, or have created. <3

Any questions? Please ask!
Hola! I'm Fel, the Asylum mod. You can't post there yet - you're still a new member - but rest assured if you're into crazy, we have it there. Fortunately for the rest of the people, we keep the insanity there too.

Also, like Fluffy, don't ask about the name. You'll never be the same again. Feel free to ask any staff member if you have any questions that don't pertain to the Iwaku-tan stuff.
alllllrightt i gots me a question, why dont i get notifide when i get a reply to my thread
I'm your new best friend and or worst nightmare. 8D
-covers in candy katanas.-
I hope you enjoy the site thoroughly.~
Name's Staci.
At the top there should be a dropdown that says 'thread tools.' If it isn't auto-subscribing you, you can always do it manually through this dropbox - second from the bottom on the list, I believe.
I SEE 'o'
So how do i know when new threads are posted uppp
Thanks Fel :D
and fluffy for saying nouthing
.....silence is the best reply........hehehehe *rubs my hands toghter*
When you view any of the forums you'll see that "Forum Tools" menu. >:D You can subscribe to a forum to get notices about New Threads.

Of course, we get a LOT of new threads, so you might get notice spammed? XD

Anyway, welcome to Iwaku! :D
Hello, Eddi! Friendly is good~
Welcome to Iwaku.
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.

If you wanna take a look around, General section is great for fun, out of character chatting with threads like this about character creation.

If you have any questions, please do ask.
Eddie, I would think it an awesome idea to be your friend! My name is Cerulean and here is welcoming cookie or four. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
welcome :D I'm Alec ^^ .. ... ... ..
*get distracted by Ceruleans cookies*
*steals Ceruleans cookies*
Well as I was about to say, I hope you enjoy your stay here ;)
Konnichiwa, エドワドくん!Welcome to Iwaku! As you can see there are many helpful people who know a lot about the place; I'm not one of them. I'm just here to add my hello's and hope you find your place to shine!
*steals cookies*
Welcome to Iwaku, Edowado. I'm from the Golden state too.

Hope you enjoy your time here and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
sorry im late...and really? live neer merced
Hiii,I'm new too! I'm Chardonnay *curtseys*, though my friends call Me laces, I'd like you to be my friend. Hi you guys too! You can all be my friends, *laughs!*
I'm me and you are you. :D

Welcome Eddy-sama-llama.