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Newbie Care Package: We'll Help You!

Discussion in 'NEW ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES' started by The Mood is Write, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hi! Welcome to Iwaku! We're so glad you joined. Here at the Newbie Care Package, we've got a few special gifts and resources we'd like to offer you, to help you get comfortable and make yourself at home in our community.

    • ♪ ♫  ♫ ♪ •

    Our Gifts:
        A mentor.
        Links to on-site content.
        Helpful off-site resources.

    About Mentors:
    When the site seems impossible to navigate, the Q&A section seems daunting, or the rules confuse you, sometimes you just need a helping hand.

    Mentors are staff members who have eagerly volunteered to offer help to new or struggling members. From the start of your first PM, your mentor will be your personal question-answerer, compass, and advisor for so long as you keep in contact with them.

    It is our hope in the NCP that your mentor will be your first of many friends on our site, and help you feel at home in our lovely land of literary leanings.


    How can you get a mentor? Just fill out this form and post it into the thread!​

    Hi, @The Mood is Write! I'd like a guide, please!

    1. Do you want to do group roleplays, 1x1s, or both?

    2. Do you prefer to RP by chat, by forum, or are you indifferent?

    3. How well are you navigating Iwaku itself? Are you on mobile or browser?

    4. What would you like help with?

    5. What's your opinion on cinnamon bagels? ;) ;)

    If you want to, you may copy the code directly below.
    [CENTER][div=font-size: 16px;][color=#ff4d4d]Hi, [USER=13939]@The Mood is Write[/USER]! I'd like a guide, please![/color][/div]
    [div=width:90%; border:1px solid #000000; margin:auto; padding:4px;][div=border:1px solid #ffffff; text-align:left; margin:auto;padding:10px;]
    [color=#ff4d4d]1.[/color] Do you want to do group roleplays, 1x1s, or both?
    (answer here)

    [color=#ff4d4d]2.[/color] Do you prefer to RP by chat, by forum, or are you indifferent?
    (answer here)

    [color=#ff4d4d]3.[/color] How well are you navigating Iwaku itself? Are you on mobile or browser?
    (answer here)

    [color=#ff4d4d]4.[/color] What would you like help with?
    (answer here)

    [color=#ff4d4d]5.[/color] What's your opinion on cinnamon bagels? ;) ;)
    (answer here)

    • ♪ ♫  ♫ ♪ •

    Inside this block, you can learn some about our lovely mentors!​
    :quill:» @The Mood is Write «
    Hi! You can call me Moody or Modwri. I'm 28, and have been on Iwaku since December 2014, when I was down about being banned from a previous site I'd been on. Since then, Iwaku quickly restored my faith in RPing and RPers, and I've never once regretted joining this lovely site. Iwaku feels like home, and I want to share that 'at home' feeling with everyone I meet!

    :clownfish:» Nemopedia «
    Welcome and hello! I'm Nemopedia, your blubbing encyclopedia~ Feed me questions and I sprout answers! Most call me Nemo, so feel free to call me that, or choose from my list of other weird nicknames by dialing 'blub'. I have been on Iwaku since January 2014 and stuck around ever since. I hope that you will enjoy this place as much as I do; with some sparkly-shiny help from the newbie care package.

    :alienhominid:» Joan «
    Heya! I'm Joan, a seventeen-year-old nerd who's been here since December 2016. I came here because a friend recommended it to me and I needed a change of atmosphere, and it's been amazing to me so far. I feel safe and at home here more than I do anywhere else, and I hope I can extend a bit of that to you!

    :writing:» Elle Joyner «
    I'm Elle! I've been a site member for a little over a year and am proud to be a moderator for the Community Department. I've been roleplaying for roughly eighteen years and am a stay at home mom of two wonderful, precious kiddos - they, along with my husband are the loves of my life - but writing come pretty close to the top. In particular, I enjoy fantasy storylines and world building, and anything with odes to political intrigue, suspense or mystery. I'm also a giant sap and enjoy bits of fluff ~ I'm a shameless promoter of prose and lover of happy endings, and as you've probably guessed if you've read my title, I am an avid fan of reinventing classic fairytales. I'm really looking forward to working with you and helping you dip your toes into this new and exhilarating world of roleplaying in your new home on Iwaku.

    :blackcat:» Greenie «
    Meowdy, my name's Greenie, a cat-crazy Canadian who loves to read and write fantasy! I've been here on Iwaku since April 2015 and haven't found a place more comfortable, what with all the friendly open minded folk. I'm glad to have the chance to help you out and extend the caring and friendly hand that I myself received when I was in your shoes!

    :downcat:» CrystalTears «
    Hi there! I'm CrystalTears, you can call me Crystal or any other combination you manage to conjure up of my name! I have been here since 2014 and roleplayed for just as long! Do not let my "maintenance department" banner fool you! I am a very outgoing and easy-going person, who also happens to be a complete Nintendo nerd, along with many other games! Iwaku might seem like a big and intimidating site, but it is a very welcoming and I am proud to call myself a moderator of this site, and I would love to make your first experiences here just as wonderful! Welcome to the site newbie! And welcome to the Newbie Care Package! ^o^

    :mycookie:» Dipper «
    Hello hello! I'm Dipper, designated Cookiemaster of Camp Iwaku and the coolest kid on the block. I've been hanging around Iwaku for a solid three years and have since made it my job to make you folks feel comfy. Like you, I enjoy mashing buttons on my keyboard until stories come out, so maybe we can bond over our mutual love for keyboard destruction while I take you on an exciting adventure through Iwaku—free of charge!

    :fox:» Nav «
    Hi, I'm Nav. I'm a super chill chemist, writer, master wordsmith, and aspiring interpretive dance PhD. I'm originally from Brazil, grew up in Scotland, and am now living in the States. I ride horses and have an affinity for foxes. If we ever meet, I suggest you be armed with your best pair of underwear and pipe-cleaners. You may need them.

    :raven:» Peregrine «
    Hello, I'm Peregrine! I've been a member of Iwaku since 2013, and will be hitting my one year anniversary as a Security Staff lead in November. Don't let my red title scare you, I love to chat with people and be silly, just so long as you don't take my mock-serious attitude too much to heart. I am an obsessive planner and worldbuilder, with a deep love for making up religions, drawing maps, and experimenting with the English language. I am an almost exclusively a one on one player, but I love both forum and chat based roleplaying. Looking forward to meeting you!

    :crab:» Tarieles «
    Hello there, I am Tarieles! Please call me Tari or Creb. I am the resident trashy meme crab. I am a relatively new Iwakuan, joining in 2016, but I have roleplayed for most of my life. I have lived in the States for my whole life, but I love the thought of travelling (because who actually has the money for that lol). I am an excitable person, and I love posting in all caps BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS EITHER EXCITING OR INFURIATING OHMIGOD. I am a friendly person, with a deep love for worldbuilding and creating new cultures. I am definitely more a group RPer, but I also do 1x1. Hope you have a fun time here! Happy writing!

    :snake:» Eru «
    Hi there, I'm Eru. I've been on Iwaku for close to a year now, but I've been writing and role-playing for longer than that. I like video games, cozy places and warm drinks. This forum has been a breath of fresh air for me, in meeting new people and satisfying my cravings for vicarious adventures, and I hope to extend that same atmosphere to you too!

    :wave:» PoetLore «
    My name is PoetLore and I am a Moderator here at Iwaku. I've been a member for over a year, and I LOVE it! I really love the role play, but I love the other features of the site as well, the inspiring muses forum, and the many monthly community wide contests, are two of my favorites. I really enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. I have a ton of grandchildren (13) and they keep me young. I'm looking forward to meeting you, and helping in any way I can.

    :axeman:» Jorick «
    Hello, I'm Jorick, the Security Administrator of Iwaku. To oversimplify things a lot, I'm sort of like the police chief of Iwaku. I don't crack skulls unless it becomes necessary, so I highly recommend reading the site rules to avoid such trouble. Anyway, now that the PSA is out of the way, time for the quick resume: I've been on the site for around three years so I know it quite well, I've been roleplaying since 2005 so I have a pretty good idea of how it works, and I'm basically the best so if you get thrown at me for mentoring you are a lucky little newbie. Regardless of whoever ends up being your mentor, enjoy your time on Iwaku, and if you have any troubles don't hesitate to ask in the Help Desk or send in a report to the Security staff if necessary.

    :dragon:» Kitti «
    Welcome to the site, I hope that you're having a nice time so far. I'm Kitti, one of the admin on Iwaku. Just from looking around and having my hands on all the areas of the site, I know where a lot of things are and how it works and I'm happy to lend a hand with that information. Don't mind my avatar and signature - it's a long story wherein the admin sacrificed ourselves nobly for a fundraiser. I probably match Jorick, Astaroth, and Diana in some way (you can check them out too!). I look forward to meeting you!

    :turtle:» Turtle «
    Hello, I'm Turtle. I've been on Iwaku since 2014. I'm a member of the Security team here and enjoy working to keep Iwaku safe for all its members. When I'm not roleplaying, I enjoy playing video games (ARK is my current addiction), and reading. I'm a college student so whatever time I have left over is all occupied by that. As far as roleplaying goes I prefer 1x1. I really like getting to know my partner and having more say over how the story is going to go. I love worldbuilding, and deep layered plots with subplots and mystery and intrigue and fun and adventure. I don't really have a set genre that I write. Well, anyway, looking forward to meeting you. Tootles~

    :boxer:» ~Happily.Ever.After~ «
    Hiya! I'm Happily, I joined Iwaku a bit over three years ago, but have been actively roleplaying for probably close to seven or eight years [i think]. Anywho, I am always happy to help and am a huuugggggeeee Disney Nerd with the biggest soft-spot for animals [former vet tech student, current equestrian and fur-baby owner]. I also tend to be known as a crazy character lady, generally having upwards of 20 or more characters in each group rp [I really love juggling characters :3]. I am always available to talk [or listen if you need]!

    :marsrover:» Applo «
    Hi, I'm Applo. First of all: Welcome to Iwaku! It's a great place to hangout, roleplay, showcase your own writing or even make friends. I hope you like it here. Now a little about me: I'm from the United Kingdom, The Discworld books are my favorite book series and my hobbies outside of rping include Scuba Diving and watching Netflix. I came to roleplaying and Iwaku at the same time and it was quite a learning curve. I hope that I can use what I've learnt to help you settle in here without any hassle, so if you have any question at all, please don't hesitate to throw them at me.

    :queen:» La Reina «
    Hello! I'm Reina, your friendly neighborhood queen. I've been on iwaku for about three and a half years now but have been roleplaying since I was a teen. I love to read and love to write. Plus I'm a big fan of just chatting for fun. I'm also a big fan of 1x1 RPs and love to play fantasy. Iwaku has been a haven for me, a place to distract my mind and an outlet for the craziness in my head all my ideas. Hope you can soon feel the same!

    :candlestick:» Starlighter «
    Hey, I'm Star, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I joined Iwaku in early January 2017, and it's been my comfy cozy roleplay home ever since. I love dragons and magic and other sparkly fantasy things, books are my best friends, and I'm a sucker for anything shiny, kinda like a crow. Anyhow, welcome to Iwaku! I can't wait to help you get settled and find your groove :)


    Creative Content

    On Iwaku, we have several forums (found under the Creative Content header on our main page) where we focus on improving skills. These are home to not only valuable resources, guides, and lessons, but to challenges and exercises as well! If you're looking to improve your ability to write and RP, these forums are the best place to look.

    • ♪ ♫  ♫ ♪ •

    Art Shops
    These threads may offer some cool stuff to newbies.
    External Links
    Using these links, you can create character images for free.

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  2. Hi, @The Mood is Write! I'd like a guide, please!

    1. Do you want to do group roleplays, 1x1s, or both?

    I would like to do both! I'm more inclined to 1x1's because I have more control over them and can be more flexible than groups. But I also want the opportunity to get to meet and interact with new writers that inspire me give my best posts.

    2. Do you prefer to RP by chat, by forum, or are you indifferent?

    I personally prefer either forums, private messages or, if all else fails, Google Docs.

    3. How well are you navigating Iwaku itself? Are you on mobile or browser?

    Currently on both mobile and browser, the former being the most difficult to navigate. Trying to figure out the coding after getting used to one somewhere else and finding a roleplay that suits my interests that isn't closed or invite-only is proving a bit challenging. XD

    4. What would you like help with?

    Navigating the site in general, and finding a roleplay that suits my interests and posting level that isn't closed or invite-only.

    5. What's your opinion on cinnamon bagels? ;) ;)

    I've never tried them, if I'm honest! But am not opposed to.
  3. Welcome aboard, Mara! =D Glad you decided to join us!

    I think @Elle Joyner will be a good mentor for you. I do have to say though, you'll need to send the first message. Just click on her name in the ping, and when a frame comes up in the middle of the screen, click "Start a Conversation" to open the page that'll let you type and send your first PM to her. =D
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  4. Hi, Vegemite! You just got a song stuck in my head with your name. <3

    Just click on @Nav 's name in the ping. A box will appear, and you can click the link to "Start a Conversation". Once the new PM page opens, just type and send Nav a message, and you've got yourself a mentor! =D
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  5. Hi, @The Mood is Write ! I'd like a guide, please!
    1. Do you want to do group roleplays, 1x1s, or both?
    I've mostly just done 1x1s but I'd likesee how group RPs handle sometime!
    2. Do you prefer to RP by chat, by forum, or are you indifferent?
    I guess I'm indifferent on this.
    3. How well are you navigating Iwaku itself? Are you on mobile or browser?
    Alright I suppose. I haven't really explored around here much yet!
    4. What would you like help with?
    Maybe just some basic explanations and directions to things and I'll figure out the rest at some point.
    5. What's your opinion on cinnamon bagels? ;) ;)​
    I like cinnamon! Never had a cinnamon bagel, but now I'm kinda tempted!
  6. Welcome, Purity!

    You'll need to initiate contact with your mentor. To do that, just click @CloudyBlueDay 's name. A frame will open in the middle of your screen, and you should click the link in the frame to "Start a Conversation". Once you've done that, just write your message and hit send!
  7. Welcome, VoidShorts! It sounds like @Nav will be your best match as a mentor. =D

    You'll have to send the first message, but if you don't know how (it took me a while to figure it out), here's some instructions! To get in contact (you have to send the first PM), you just need to click Nav's name. A frame will come up, and from there, just click "Start a Conversation" in order to start a PM! <3
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  8. Hi, @The Mood is Write! I'd like a guide, please!

    1. Do you want to do group roleplays, 1x1s, or both?
    I don't really mind. Both are fun, although sometimes group roleplays can be more so.

    2. Do you prefer to RP by chat, by forum, or are you indifferent?
    If 'by chat' is referring to roleplaying in conversations, I'd probably rather roleplay by forum.

    3. How well are you navigating Iwaku itself? Are you on mobile or browser?
    The Iwaku setup isn't too difficult to navigate; my only problem is just having absolutely no idea how to add content, I suppose.
    Um, yes? I am on a mobile device but I am using the web browser. Does Iwaku have an app?
    (Also, sidenote, for some reason using any of the arrow keys while typing makes the browser jump to the bottom of the page, which is kind of annoying.)

    4. What would you like help with?
    I have never done anything on a forum before, so that would be a good place to start, I suppose. I'm pretty familiar with the basics of roleplaying, given that I am part of several Google+ roleplay communities, but that's the only roleplay setup I'm familiar with, so this is all very confusing and I'm not even really sure what I'm looking for so far as what I need to know.
    Also, BBCode. Sounds really important but I have no idea what it is or how to use it.
    In other news, I'm trying to find that 'origin of a legend' short story writing challenge that I found a couple days ago but I didn't bookmark it or watch the thread and I don't know how to find it again :<

    5. What's your opinion on cinnamon bagels? ;) ;)
    I don't think I've ever had them before, but they sound good ^^

  9. It’s over here Astro: SPECIAL EVENT - FFS: Flash Fiction Selections 2: February

    Great to have you around the site, and look forward to reading what you come up with!
  10. Hi, @The Mood is Write! I'd like a guide, please!

    1. Do you want to do group roleplays, 1x1s, or both?
    Both are great for me.

    2. Do you prefer to RP by chat, by forum, or are you indifferent?
    Indifferent, prefer 1x1 in chas and forum for Group roleplays.

    3. How well are you navigating Iwaku itself? Are you on mobile or browser?
    I'm mobile and I haven't tried navigating it yet.

    4. What would you like help with?

    Getting used to the way this works and getting interactive.

    5. What's your opinion on cinnamon bagels? ;) ;)
    Well i'm not much of a fan of cinnamon.
  11. Welcome to Iwaku, Astro! <3 Glad to have you here!

    It looks like Anguissette answered one of your questions already, but you can still have a mentor. =D

    You will have to send the first message to @Starlighter in order to get in contact, as it helps us to ensure that newbies are still interested in having a mentor by the time one's assigned. If you don't know how, I'll walk you through it!

    Just click on Starlighter's name, and a frame will come up (this works on both mobile and browser, so no worries). In that frame, find and click the link to "Start a Conversation", and it'll take you to the new PM screen, with Starlighter's name already in the recipient area.
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