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Welcome to Iwaku! My favorite SG-1 episode is easily "Window of Opportunity". I can already tell you will fit in here Kate! When the C-box comes back up oh boy shall it be fun! :D
You ever see that "behind the scenes" clip where Amanda Tapping made fun of RDA when they were rehearsing a scene where they got trapped in a glacier?

Tapping: "You don't know? What do you mean you don't know? You were on MacGyver for seven years. I mean, we got belt buckles and shoe laces...make a goddamn bomb or something!"

RDA: <looks behind him at the camera crew with a laugh>

Tapping: "Oh dear GOD! I'm stuck on a glacier with MacGyver!!!"

....and thus was a memetic mutation born.

OMG! SG-1 FAN! YAY! *glomps Kate* Hey, I'm TNT, or Mabu-kun, which ever you prefer. I love Stargate, especially SG-1. I have a feeling we'll get along great.

By any chance, are you interested in things like DND or Warhammer 40k?
It's only on like episode 11.

Dr. Rush hands down.
Hi, I'm GMK, resident Killer of Aliens, Burner of Heritics, and Purger of the Unclean.

Welcome to Iwaku.
*rolls toothpick 'round in mouth and sticks hands in pockets of leather jacket.*

Yo . . . 'sup. *PLAYING IT SO DAMN COOL.*
*The CIWS tears Grumpy apart with 20mm DU.*

Minigunner: Sorry, had it set for 'Zombies.'
Guys, pay attention to the announcement. No more spamming the new comer's threads.

One more slip up and I'm locking the thread.
SG-1 eh? Alright in my books.

As stated before...questions can be hurled at the staff like catapult shots. If we can't answer we'll do the honorable thing.

Freeze you in carbonite till the question can be answered.