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  1. Hey all I'm new to this site!
  2. Oh oh! Okay, welcome to the forum!

    Care to share any information about yourself? RP-related and whatnot.
  3. Welcome to the site.
  4. My name's Kate and I love to rp. I mostly roleplay on CS and I have fun on that... I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi, mostly Star Wars an Stargate SG-1.
  5. Welcome to the site!

    I'm TK, and if you see any colored user names, they're staff, and we're always happy to help!
  6. Welcome to the forums if you have any questions just ask and we can help you

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  7. Heya Kate! Welcome to Iwaku. We're a solid bunch, don't you worry. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here!

    Also: HELL YEAH I LOVE STAR WARS! Which one is your favourite?
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    Welcome to the site, new one!
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    Hope you enjoy all the fun times that awaiting for you here, on IWAKU! <3

  9. HI, Im basically new too, but i still welcome you!! =}
  10. Welcome, please mind the gap
  11. Your love of Star Wars immediately makes you awesome in my book.

    Welcome to Iwaku. Take this sheep.

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  12. (Posting Sentinel's sheet here incase stuff gets deleted >.< gonna do the same with Eisley)

    OC (Marvel Universe, by bloodline)

    (Former Identity)
    Clara Castro

    (Current Identity)
    Lilly Briant

    Argent Sentinel



    Street Level


    Reddish Brown

    Power Grid:

    SPEED: 2


    - Standard Weapons Knowledge; Clara is familiar and capable of maintaining and firing a multitude of standard, modern weapons, but typically prefers not to carry heavier weapons with her, as they tend to inhibit her movements. On the other hand, her knowledge of the use and operation of weapons only extends to those commonly deployed with military forces.

    - Combat Expert; Though Clara has yet to master every conventional form of combat, she has quite the array of combat skills available, due to an extensive history of training. While her skills with weapons are somewhat remarkable, she is truly a force to be reckoned with up close... Often using a mixed form of fighting in order to take down her opponents, both lethally, and non-lethally.

    - Thick Skin; While Clara is not exactly bullet proof, she appears to have a relatively resilient body, despite not wearing any armor at all. From rigorous training and a little hormonal experimentation she has endured from an early childhood, Clara is able to take more of a blow than the average human. However, this does not make her invulnerable to damage, as sufficient forces will most certainly cause injuries, ranging from mild to severe, or even straight up death. Projectiles with high enough velocity, such as a bullet, or most stabbing weapons are also able to pierce Claras body with relative ease. For the most part, it seems that Clara has an edge when dealing with blunt force trauma, and perhaps moderate heat or cold in circumstances.

    - Peak Human Physique; Due to extensive training in the past, Clara is just about as strong as a human can get, capable of lifting up to 800 pounds worth of weight, and, coupled with her combat expertise, can cause some serious damage if given the opportunity.

    - Improvisation; Likely due to her experiences in the past, Clara likes to travel very light, and often improvises on the go... Making use of the resources, and/or even the environment around her in order to secure her victories.

    - Acrobatics; Somewhat coupled with her combat expertise, Clara will often use acrobatic feats in the right environments to give her an edge in fights. This also comes in handy when she finds it difficult to get from one place to another in any conventional way, and often keeps specific points of interest in mind... For later usage to her benefit, either in combat, travel, or perhaps something else entirely.

    - Light-Weight Custom Built Pistol; A preferred weapon of Clara's when there is none to be found on the battlefield, she carries it on a holster located on her right leg, and keeps it loaded with 9mm armor piercing rounds. (She has a few extra cartridges located on her belt)

    - Military Grade Combat Knife; A standard, military grade combat knife sturdy enough to remain sharp after the takedown of the average human target... And even when dulled, can prove to be quite the killing tool (though admittedly less wieldy, if not maintained well enough). Clara often keeps this stowed away in a small sheath located on her belt close to her left leg, for use in either emergencies, close quarters combat, or more stealthy operations.

    Clara is an estranged daughter of a corrupt Gotham Politician, Ethan Castro, rumored to have been a notorious figure in the Marvel Universe, before it came together with the DC Universe. Now residing in Gotham City, he had unfairly been profiting off of tax payers dollars that were supposed to go to more... Charitable causes. Though one would expect him to have been caught rather quickly, his connections appeared to be the only thing between him and an... Early retirement plan to say the least. Over the years he had been in power, Ethan had paid off multiple hitmen to eliminate those who threatened to expose him, or otherwise threaten his status as a Politician, a rather wealthy one in fact... Though, of course, his source of income wasn't just from leeching off of funds that were intended for more ethical purposes. Ethan Castro was quite the celebrity in the underground, known for having been bribed by countless shady organizations to look the other way whenever they conducted their business, or even outright cover for them.

    Naturally, Ethan being the person he was took it upon himself to indulge in the "spoils" of his endeavors, and as a result... Bedded multiple women. Most of these one night stands were nothing more than that, but, inevtiably, due to a few careless actions, some of his previous partners eventually conceived children, and Clara, just happened to be one of them.

    In order to eliminate the possibility of his... Less than savory deeds to be publicised thanks to these bastard children, Ethan quickly had both the mothers, and most of their children offed, seeing as his roots within the shadier parts of Gotham City had only deepened over the years. However, sickeningly enough, of all the children he could have chosen, Ethan had decided to spare Clara's life of the slaughter, deeming her to be "worthy" enough to be his successor, and had the audacity to "adopt" her, claiming to the public that he was doing the only surviving victim of a brutal chain of killings a great favor... Keeping the truth neatly under wraps for the most part. He knew he was reaching the threshold between adulthood and seniority, even someone such as himself knew he had to carry on his twisted legacy after he came to pass.

    One problem. While Clara grew up looking up to Ethan as a father, it didn't take long for her to figure out his darker secrets... And at around the age of 10, she already harbored a deep sense of spite for him, even if she, at the time, was too afraid to speak up about it. So instead, Clara simply became more rebellious... In secret. Whenever her so called father was away on some sort of "business" rendezvous, most likely accepting another bribe, she ducked out of their home the first chance she got, and headed out into the Gotham Streets.

    At about the age of 11 she, mostly by coincidence, ran into an agent from an organization which had been bribing her father for countless years... And, unknown to her at the time, had their eye on Clara ever since her father had brought her home. Claiming to be able to teach Clara how to break free of her father's bonds, and even offering what seemed like a great sum of money at the time (1 grand seemed alot to her 11 year old mind, as this was twice the amount her father usually gave her every month), just as long as she did as she was told.

    And so, she did...

    At first, it was little more than a few strange flavored vitamin pills... Unlike anything she had ever tasted before, and gradually, as she grew older, and kept coming back whenever she had the chance, things escalated further and further. As she felt herself grow stronger, and her body, more resilient, the very limits of her body was tested... And tested, and the experiments were only ramped up, often requiring preliminary lessons in agility, weapons handling, and more.

    By the age of 16, she was able to hold and shoot most standard, military grade weapons, and had learned multiple styles of combat... And even a variety of acrobatics. She had begun to learn how to improvise in situations where she lacked the guns or ammunition to engage in a traditional firefight, and had even found it less and less painfull to be hit by obstacles that have popped up throughout her training courses.

    By now, she probably had more than enough skills to take down her so called father... But, it seemed that those who were in charge of this organization weren't keen on her leaving. In fact... Come to think of it, they have been keeping her in this facility at an increasingly more constant basis, with more and more frequent overnight stays... And what's more is that her father appeared to be taking "business trips" frequently. As if Clara cared; despite all of her hardships, she had felt more at home in this training facility than living with her father... And, after a few more weeks, made the ultimate decision to stay here... Permanently.

    She trained in the facility for a couple more years, until she was merely a few months away from her 18th birthday. This, was when the truth was revealed to her; she had been a labrat of sorts, in an experimental effort to push a human to the peak of their physical being and abilities... Acting as a near perfect soldier of sorts, designed to operate on their own. However, since this was merely the first test, and those at the facility claimed they wished to improve on their methods... It was apparant that her involvement with this experiment had come to an end.

    The remaining few months leading up to her 18th birthday were spent teaching her the basics of getting a job out in Gotham, fabricating a new identity for her... And when her 18th birthday finally rolled by, she was told to sign a document entailing that she should not under any circumstances, disclose her experiences inside this facility, nor details about their experiment... Failure to comply meant imminent termination.

    She was told that her new name was "Lilly Briant", an young adult with an untainted history, and one with a promising future... Since she had been kept from the prying eyes of the public after her initial adoption, it was near impossible for most folks to know who she really was. The ones in charge of the facility told her she would be free to do whatever she wished now, with her new abilities being a "gift" from them, to her. Right before she left, they had also told her not to worry about her father, as her absense, and his plans for her would be "taken care of".

    It didn't take long for Clara, now under the new identity of "Lilly Briant", to find a relatively stable job as an assistant manager at an army surplus store... Thanks to her impressive knowledge of the weapons the elderly owner had in stock, she was quick to get the job, seeing as there wasn't such a big demand for it.

    Though she wasn't exactly being paid the thousands she used to be when she had taken part in that experiment... Living on her own felt pretty dang good. Her past, however, quickly caught up to her when a news broadcast came on, detailing the apparant assassination of the Politician "Ethan Castro" and his adopted daughter "Clara Castro", both killed in an explosion that had torn through the apartment. Though Ethan's body was just intact enough to be recognized, Clara's body appeared to have been charred beyond recognition, only identified thanks to some DNA evidence.

    Well, living her life as Lilly Briant now, Clara couldn't say she missed her father... But at the same time, she felt almost indebted to help atone for his dark deeds. It started off as little favors here and there, intercepting and capturing the occasional petty thief... And soon, it escalated to hobby, of sorts. Fighting crime, whenever she saw it happening... Hell, it felt pretty good to be a hero for a change, and having something worthwhile attatched to her name. Though, of course, she couldn't reveal her true identity in battle... Keeping her face neatly covered up in a army green cloth, with an opening for her eyes... And had taken on the alias of the Argent Sentinel.

    Despite being a reborn woman, seemingly free at last, from the bonds of the past... She was blissfully unaware, that the organization that had made her who she was today... Was still watching her, from the shadows... Observing her. For whatever purpose, for whatever intent... It seemed that their little experiment was far from over...​
  13. I have every 7gigs worth of Star Wars comics.

    We have a comic book groupwhere we share stories/comic books in story time threads.
  14. XD Thanks Everyone oh and my favorite Star Wars movie would have to be....Episode V. Diana whats your favorite Stargate SG-1 episode? Mine is Hathor I think that one is hilarious XD

    *Happily accepts cupcake, looks at sheep and takes it curiously*
  15. Hello, new one, welcome to the site, yes, mind the gap, stay away from the Rykers and whatnot, Insanity is the scourge of the internets go there.

    Universe is my favorite Stargate.
  16. Oh I love Stargate Universe too! I like Rush and Eli How about you?
  17. YES!

    Empire is, and always will be, the best of the Star Wars movies.

    And I haven't seen Universe yet. D: I missed the first episode and I just never got around to catching up. Now it's on episode 2042932jkafa3 and I feel too lazy to try and catch up. XD
  18. Empire is probably the best of the oldest (read; best) Star Wars trilogy, due to it being the dark, dangerous point in the series. Full all it had an optimistic ending, Empire was the dark point in the series. The Rebellion was sorely challenged, and the heroes were beset by enemies they couldn't hope to beat, only survive.


    And the sheep flies. It may also have been stolen from a nutjob from Shetland, but that's not important.
  19. XD Thanks guys! Of the old series the Empire is my obvious choice for being the best!
  20. *A nearby Phalanx CIWS tracks the sheep while a Minigunner plays harmonica.*