Newbie Alert!

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Oh oh! Okay, welcome to the forum!

Care to share any information about yourself? RP-related and whatnot.
Welcome to the site.
My name's Kate and I love to rp. I mostly roleplay on CS and I have fun on that... I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi, mostly Star Wars an Stargate SG-1.
Welcome to the site!

I'm TK, and if you see any colored user names, they're staff, and we're always happy to help!
Welcome to the forums if you have any questions just ask and we can help you

*walks off into the shadows*
Heya Kate! Welcome to Iwaku. We're a solid bunch, don't you worry. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here!

Also: HELL YEAH I LOVE STAR WARS! Which one is your favourite?
*Drags Natani out of the shadows...>_<*

Welcome to the site, new one!
*gives cupcake*
Hope you enjoy all the fun times that awaiting for you here, on IWAKU! <3

HI, Im basically new too, but i still welcome you!! =}
Your love of Star Wars immediately makes you awesome in my book.

Welcome to Iwaku. Take this sheep.

*Hands Kat a sheep*
Stars Wars and SG-1, hells yeah! >:D Welcome to Iwaku!
XD Thanks Everyone oh and my favorite Star Wars movie would have to be....Episode V. Diana whats your favorite Stargate SG-1 episode? Mine is Hathor I think that one is hilarious XD

*Happily accepts cupcake, looks at sheep and takes it curiously*
Hello, new one, welcome to the site, yes, mind the gap, stay away from the Rykers and whatnot, Insanity is the scourge of the internets go there.

Universe is my favorite Stargate.
Oh I love Stargate Universe too! I like Rush and Eli How about you?

Empire is, and always will be, the best of the Star Wars movies.

And I haven't seen Universe yet. D: I missed the first episode and I just never got around to catching up. Now it's on episode 2042932jkafa3 and I feel too lazy to try and catch up. XD
Empire is probably the best of the oldest (read; best) Star Wars trilogy, due to it being the dark, dangerous point in the series. Full all it had an optimistic ending, Empire was the dark point in the series. The Rebellion was sorely challenged, and the heroes were beset by enemies they couldn't hope to beat, only survive.


And the sheep flies. It may also have been stolen from a nutjob from Shetland, but that's not important.
XD Thanks guys! Of the old series the Empire is my obvious choice for being the best!
*A nearby Phalanx CIWS tracks the sheep while a Minigunner plays harmonica.*