Newbie Alert... sorta!

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  1. Hello fellow humans! Greetings from meeeee, MalyHawe!!!

    You can call me Maly Hawe or just Maly or Mrs. Frost (yes I'm Jack's wife:P) or whatever, I will always turn around and reply! And I will take you to my galaxy where random stuffs are in. :D

    I am not new to this site, I have another account but I don't feel like using it anymore teheee. And I'm not that new to roleplaying as well. I have been RPing like... one or two weeks??? HAHAHAH okay I'm pretty much a newbie I guess. But I have known several RP rules and guides.

    I'm not an anime/MMORPG addict, but I'm more an old fairy tales addict!! Like Grimm's, Andersen's, etc... so I like a simple fantasy RP which doesn't include wars/actions and stuff. xD

    Okay I guess that's all!!! Looking forward to roleplaying hereeeeeeee... again!

  2. *bows* Greeting Stranger! I am Hollow or Lady Eastword but that's to formal :D
    *smiles* welcome (to the site you have already been on) hehehee, Enjoy.
  3. Greeting Maly, welcome to Iwaku(Even though you're not new!)!~ Enjoy your stay
    Also, it's interesting to see an old fairy tale addict! It's nice meeting you ^ ^
  4. Hello Lady Eastword! Thank you very much for your welcome! I'll ofcourse enjoy my stay here. Have a nice day anyways c:
  5. Hi HibikiKuraii, thank you for your welcome, it's a pleasure for me to be back here :D nice to meet you too!!! Here is a cookie^^
  6. Welcome. ^^
  7. Welcome back to the site, then, Mrs Frost. O_O