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  1. Hey there! So I'm a newb and I'd like to roleplay, but this site is really different from the other one I'm on so I need somebody who is patient. I'm not exactly sure how you do it on here, but I'd like a roleplay that has some slash romance and is either a high school drama angst or a sci-fi. Sci-fi is awesome.
  2. Ooh, Sci-fi :D Got any plot ideas, mate? Or should be brain storm?
  3. Brainstorming is good. Look a new color :D
    Anyway, m/m sci-fi, right? Should we do dystopian, or just sci-fi? We could do post apocalyptic science fiction.
  4. I do too many of those though. Can we combine those elements? Maybe humanity is pushing itself to the brink of extinction through advancements in warfare and now all this is left is the occasional city and scattered villagers. The largest of the cities though, holds a tournament for anyone who can make it and meet the qualifications; the robot wars!

    I imagine the cities to be more on the high in of spectrum. The bigger they are, the more high tech the are. The villages, on the other hand, would have to scrounge whatever they can to just have every day things like indoor plumbing and heat. The more resourceful they are and the more resources are at their disposal the more likely they are to thrive.
  5. I like the sound of that. What is the purpose of the robot wars? Simply for entertainment?
  6. Whoops! I always forget information when explaining stuff ^^' The point of the robot wars is to earn money and precious metals and other useful stuff. But since the villages rely on metals and other stuff to keep running they rarely have enough left over to build robots. The rich get richer and poor get poorer kind of deal.
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  7. Okay, I like it. Do you do skeletons on here?
  8. Yep ^.^ For every forum topic (Fantasy, Jump In, One x One, etc), there's a sub forum dedicated to OOC plot discussions and character skeletons, or sign ups, and such to keep things organised.
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  9. Aaaaand this is that thread right?
  10. We could use it as such :) No point in making another thread xD
  11. Okiedokie~ So do you want simple skeletons?
  12. Simple as in Name, Age, Gender, Personality, Appearance, Place of Birth (village or city), Bio, and Other?
  13. Haha yeah, we'll call that simple. I'll get to work on mine right after I shower.
  14. I'm sorry D: At least we're not doing something like this:

    G E N E R A L
    Gender Role:
    Favorite Pastimes:

    B A C K G R O U N D
    Current Family:
    Developing Friendships:
    Close Relationships:

    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    Overall Mood:
    When Happy:
    When Depressed:
    When Angry:
    Strongest Positive Personality Trait:
    Strongest Negative Personality Trait:
    Other Traits:

    E V A L U A T I O N
    How Other People See [Him/Her]:
    Opinion of [him/her]self:
    Other Notes:


    Name: Kiriel Hashings

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Personality: --

    Appearance: --

    Place of Birth: Village

    Bio: --

    Other: --

    I'll figure the rest out later.

    We probably should work out the kinks of this relationship and what's going with these boys now that we have the world figured out xD
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  15. Name: Lukai "Kai" Juria
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Egotistical, clever, quick on his feet with good reflexes. Occasionally sweet but only to those who actually matter to him.
    Place of Birth: Village.
    Bio: Lukai's father died when he was two and though he doesn't remember his father he came to love the man through the stories his mother told him about the two of them. When Lukai was little his best friend was named Kiriel. He and Kiriel did pretty much everything together but then Lukai's mother got sick and after she died Lukai decided he was sick of losing the people he loved. So he packed his stuff together and left the village in search of bigger things. Although Kiriel was mad at him, he thought it would be better to have the other boy be mad at him than dying from neglect. Lukai was determined to take care of him. Now he's a fighter in the robot wars and Kiriel's village receives generous donations according to the frequency of Lukai's victories.
    Other: --
    The bio sucks in fluency but you get the point.

    They could know each other already, maybe? Lokai is a fighter in the arena and he met Kiriel when they were little. Since then they've been good friends and Lokai would bring Kiri things from the city to help out with his family and his situation?
    Merp. If you don't like it I'll keep thinking. Also, do you guys do picture appearances on here?
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  16. This is roleplay site, not an alien planet xD Pictures is the common practice among most roleplayers. Unlike Figment, though, people won't berate you for using non-realistic visual aid.

    Just a heads up; I'm currently doing several things at once right now - I'm a multitasker so that's normally the case, but with distractions it's going to take longer to reply. Bare with me xD
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  17. *Grumbles* It might as well be.
    Okay, baring with you.
    But yeah, what do you think about my relationship idea?
  18. *Pats* It's not that complicated of a website xD It only took me a few days to figure most of everything out :)

    I was going to make comment about that but Mom interrupted me. Anyway, I like it but I would like to tweak it just a bit. Maybe they grew up together but something happened to make Lokai leave for the city and caused them to grow distant, maybe even grow to be rivals? And maybe the supplies he sends Kiriel's village is under an anonymous name for whatever reason?
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  19. I like it. We'll do that.
    I've tried a few other forums like this. They all confused me to hell too. :/ But I'll get it eventually.
  20. Sweet :D

    *Pats* I believe in you :D