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  1. Hello~ I'm Joona, and I'm a newb in both RPing and the Iwaku forums. I've been dabbling in RPing for about a 2 months now, and would like to RP with new people.

    I'm not really picky, so if I don't have something up there that you may be interested in role playing, just ask. Also, if my posts/replies seem too short for your liking (I average on about 3-5 sentences/paragraph, 3 paragraphs on one post) feel free to scold me about it.

    NOTE: I only have rough ideas for most of my characters at this moment (e.g. physical appearance, personality, simple background story). I'll more likely tailor my Ocs to fit in with the world and characters that we agree to play about.

    That smallish intro done, here are some things that I would like/be willing to do in RPs:

    Slice of Life (lol dorms)
    Survival settings
    Mature content (sexual or violent)
    MxM, MxF, FxF (I'm more comfortable with MxM and MxF)
    UST (I love love love unresolved sexual tension between characters)

    some fandoms: (canon or OCs)
    Harry Potter
    Katekyou Hitman Reborn
    The Walking Dead

    And what I'm craving right now:

    > scientist/experiment
    The scientist is watching over an experiment (human clone? mutant?). The experiment picks up on things such as the scientist's habits and, most importantly, emotions.

    > sibling/sibling
    The younger one had hero-worship feelings to his/her older sibling for the longest time, to the point that it has become an inside joke in his circle of friends. After an offhand comment on how s/he loved the older sibling way too much, the younger sibling realizes it's more than hero-worship anymore.
    *** would prefer if this is MxM

    That's about it I guess. So uhm yeah .o. !
  2. -Peeks in-

    I'm interested! :3
  3. I'm interested...
  4. Uwa, replies! Which of the plots are you guys interested on though?
  5. Tell me more about your Scientist/Experiment plot? It's got me interested. I'd also be up for a fantasy or Pokemon themed roleplay, so long as I'm able to play one of my OCs. I'd try the Walking Dead, but I've only actually seen the first episode, and the last episode of the second season.

    I'm totally fine with mature content. Of the three pairings, I prefer hetero pairings, my character being the male, but I'm open to same gender couplings. I'm just not so comfortable with male on male sexual activity. I mean, I've got nothing against it, it's just not for me.

    Three is the least ammount of sentences I'll write in a paragraph (The least acceptable for a proper one, if I remember correctly), and my average on those is two or three. There are times when I end up with more or less, but I try to avoid typing only one. My longer posts are usually just introductions, though sometimes those aren't that long either.. Mostly depends on how I'm feeling at the time, or if anything else is going on.