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  1. Yo

    I'm Kind-ish, new to IwakuRoleplay and I like it. I have been trying to find an RP site I an come to in my free time and I'm glad that not much is expected. People aren't down your throat about fucking replying back like I've gotten from other sites.

    Geeze , that's fuckin annoying.

    Anyway...I have landed a couple of steady, long-term, RP partners but I am in search of more, yeah... new friends and what not.

    I honestly want to explore more within the RP community knowing that I still have a lot to learn.

    I am still learning things about this site but I assure you that I like it. Befriend me?
  2. Pestering is the worst! It can make an RP really not fun anymore. ):

    You'll find a wide variety of posting speed requirements here, so not to worry!

    Welcome to Iwaku. :)
  3. Exploring is fuuuun! Welcome to the site, Xanuuuuun!