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Hello, I'm Alexandra, called Alec/Alex (whatever you feel comfortable with)
I'm going in high school in my third year ^^ and I'm a japan freak and learning the japanese language and am planing to go there after school :)

Untill now I have just roleplayed one and one, but I want to test roleplay in groups too.
I'm from sweden so I don't have that good english but I use dictionaries and try a lot harder while I'm doing a roleplay so it shouldn't be so mutch wrongs while I'm playing.

I like a lot of genres, for example horror, fantasy, magic etc.
The only thing I realy don't like is scifi, it's not an interesting genre for me.
I don't have a character that I usually play with, I think I never have used a character twice, but I can "recycle" a character if I think it would be fun to use that one again.

Well see you around ;) just write if you wonder something or just want to talk etc. :)
Now I'm going to go update my profile a bit ^^ :rose:
Welcome to Iwaku, Alexandra. I'm October *Bows deeply* Nice to meet you : ) I see you filled out your Roleplayers-Resume, awesomeness. If you need anything, help finding a game, questions about the site, whatever. Feel free send me a message and I'll do the best I can to help you out.

Hope to see you in the forums soon! If you want, stop in the Cbox and chat with us (I say us because I am chatting there almost all the time > <)
Welcome Miss from the Land of Borkbork!

I'm Rory, one of the admins of the forum. I do hope that you enjoy your stay with us. :)

Welcome to Iwaku.
Thanks for the welcomes ^^
If I need help I ask immediately :)
I think I will enjoy it ;) It seems like a great site :D
Hi Alec! I'm Ozzie, nice to meet you. I'm new too.
Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
I'm glad that you like the site so far.
I'm Kitti, by the way, and it's nice to meet you. (I'm dressed up for Halloween as Nissa Revane)
If you want to get to know some of the people here better, as well as showing us a little more about yourself, we have a section called General with great topics like this one about how you create characters.

If you need any help or have any questions, there are tons of people including myself who would love to be of assistance.
Sweden! That's a cool place to be from! (Of course, for me, anywhere outside of teh US is cool. XD )

Welcome to Iwaku!
こんにちは、Alec-san! May I direct you to the How do you say? group, where we celebrate language? You would be a great addition, learning Japanese and being from Sweden. :3 I've also seen you in the Cbox, where I generally hang out, but I wanted to say a real welcome here. Hope you're enjoying your time on Iwaku!
Cerulean here giving you a warm, local newb welcome. Alex, nice to meet you. Have a cookie. :cookie:
Ozzie: thanks ^^ In that case welcome to you to ;)

Kitti: thanks :) asking if something comes up ;)

Diana: hahaha xD yeah and it is reeeaally cool in the winter -20 dreegre celcius xD

Elyd: arigatou :) I liked the group ^^ I saw that someone in the group was learning swedish :9 I got a bit chocked and went "WOW o.O" xD It's fun when you see people trying to learn your native language and I always wonder why people want to learn my boring language xD hahah It's a bit hard to come from sweden where you have about nine hours time different from the other members xD hahah when you come in everyone else say goodnight x)

Cerculean: Thanks :D *takes the cookie*
Ach. Feel free to bop me if I mess up the codes...
Typing them all by hand, I sometimes make little errors that can break the bloody thing.
I would like to give you this as a token of our friendship. c:
-Places a baby polar bear at her feet.-
Haha will keep that in mind xD

IIH Polar bear so cute <3 :D *huuuug*
. . .
-Walks away as the polar bear turns it's head slowly around, eyes glowing a bright crimson shade.-
WAAI a halloween polar bear :D *horror movie maniac*
*HUGS TIGHTER, then walks out on a killing rampage with it*
Hey, Swedish is a cool language too! I know a few people who are interested in it because they're interested in hip-hop. There's room for all languages! :]
Polar bears are my favorite animal! I can has one too yes?
Hey Alex :D Welcome to the site! I'm actually quite new as well :D
Haha I think swedish is a boring language xD probably because I have talked it all my life x)
*gives a polar bear to cerulean
In that case welcome to you to pupeez4eva