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  1. . . . Hey. I sort of got roped into joining by a friend of mine. Is he a friend? We've never really met though . . .

    Anyway, hi. I'm AMDreams, but I go by many nicknames. Am, Amy, Dreams, Dreamy, Dreamypop, Sue, Suzy, Suzie-Q, Blood Doll, Lulu, Lala and Miffles. Take your pick.

    Not exactly new to roleplaying but I'm always looking to improve. I like most rps, except fandoms, plain slice of life and most scifi.

    So yeah. Please take care of me.
  2. suzie-Q was my dog's name, whioch i think is awesome that you have that nickname!

    Welcome to Iwaku! Need help? there are links or you could message me (sanity not included)
  3. Huh, most people choose Miffles for some reason. Anyway, thank you for the offer. I'm currently looking through the guides first before asking any questions.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! :) I'm Alyssa, it's nice to meet you. If you ever want to roleplay, feel free to message me.
  5. Welcome AMDreams, you have a super friend for being dragged into Iwaku by said friend. Have fun and enjoy your stay, make yourself at home for you shall be taken cared of here by plot bunnies and other fluffy and dreamy things :)
  6. ^-^ Thanks guys. People are really nice here.
  7. I'mma call you Miffles! Cause it sounds cute ^w^

    Welcome to Iwaku! Pm me if you're bored or stuck; you can usually also find me in the Content forums where we play with language and practice writing skills. The chats are also a great way to meet people here! :3
  8. Hey welcome to Iwaku if you want to role play I have a fantasy jump in role play named Cruxis ill love to see you there