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  1. Hey everyone!
    I am new here and awkward... I love meeting peoples! So hit me up! I am a musician and actress and dancer and basically all I ever do is music-oriented. But I also love reading and writing! I am a High School student and can't wait to be done with it because everyone honestly sucks! Small town girl (Livin' in a lonely world) so small school, small everything. Wanting to see the world!!

  2. Hello Mo! Welcome to Iwaku! Its a great choice, we have cookies here, fun writing, friendly people, all for the small price of your sanity! Yay!

    :ferret: *giggles and rides off on a unicorn eating rainbow potatoes*
  3. Welcome to the site Mo~

    I'm sure you'll find a lot of friends here.
  4. Hey Mo! Welcome to the family, which oddly enough is full of other awkward people :P

    I hope you have lots of fun and if you ever need anything, feel free to shoot me a message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.