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  1. Now ever since I stumbled across the grand daddy of all Youtube web series, Lonelygirl15...I was enthralled with and fascinated by this very unique and entertaining method of storytelling. I was a huge fan of things like Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID and Tribe Twelve, just to name a few, I was truly inspired to say the least. So after two years of planning and prep, I got together a production crew, hired a full cast and set out to create my very own Youtube based ARG/ Web Series. The premise is simply this...four young people decide to start up a channel on Youtube to investigate creepy or paranormal accounts. They get way more than they bargained for when they uncover a particularly mysterious channel. Soon they are engulfed in a shadow world of conspiracy, secret societies and supernatural horror. I am proud to say that everything has been and directed by yours truly and I am very proud of the work we've done thus far. Come check it out, the story is really just getting started!

    The Truth Seeker Society
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  3. The team make their introduction...

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  4. Gabe, Kylie and Victor give their Analysis and Verdict on the mysterious Youtube channel...Jack Torrance.

  5. Gabe and Kylie scrutinize the odd Youtube account "Meatsleep"

  6. The St. John's make a tribute to their deceased father, who died tragically ten years prior.

  7. Kylie gets a disturbing secret off her chest...

  8. Gabe and Vic examine the weird Youtube channel "Mr Katyia"

  9. Vic and Jayna announce their engagement and tell the story of how they met...

  10. Vic, Jayna and Kylie delve into the mysterious channel "Schott Lambert"

  11. Vic, Gabe and a friend, Greyson engage in hijinks and shenanigans in Atlantic City, NJ...

  12. The girls spend a night in and show the boys, they can have a good time too...

  13. The team interview a Mrs. Loretta Harvard, a woman who claims to have information on one of the "Analysis & Verdict" videos.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.