New York's Finest... Reptiles? (A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RP, see inside for details).

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    It has been said that terrifying creatures lurk beneath the streets of New York City.


    City officials try desperately to deny their existence, but the citizens still live in fear.


    They live in shadows, moving swiftly through the night and striking fear into the hearts of their prey.


    However, these monsters are of a different variety. They are men and women who thrive of the misery of the innocent, taking whatever they want without remorse for their fellow man. Criminals.


    But, those who threaten peace will never triumph. Not so long as there are heroes around to protect the lives of the innocent, to fight for what's right and stand up for the little guy.


    From the sewers, four heroes emerge to take on these monsters, hacking and slashing their way through the criminal swarm like a bunch of badasses.


    They are ninjas of the modern age, wielding weapons and deadly techniques to take out the bad guys, leaving them incapacitated until the cops show up. They leave no trace of their existence... Almost as if they were never there. Spooky~


    But after a long day of kicking-butt, our heroes settle down with a delicious golden circle, comprised of only the highest quality cheese, pepperoni, and various other toppings depending on what the ten-dollar deal of the day is at Pizza Hut.


    But yeah, you totally thought I was talking about the Hero Ninjas at the start, right? "The monsters that lurk below New York", I know I got you with that. But yeah, the bad guys don't go out buying pizza, do they? No, those dudes just like to steal stuff. The good guys have to work hard to make their money.

    "MIKEY! What the hell are you doing?"

    "Oh hey, Raph! Donatello found this awesome microphone somebody threw out. Isn't it cool? You can totally change your voice with it, so I'm narrating our backstory!"

    "Stop horsing around with that crap Mikey! What if people are listening to you? You're gonna expose us!"

    "Raph, calm down. He's just having fun."

    ~ Click ~

    "Yeah, lighten up, dude. Leo's right, I'm just messing around. It's not like anyone's gonna hear this or know that we're the Ninja Turtles."

    "Um, Mikey? Doesn't that microphone need a power source to work?"

    "Yeah, I had to plug it into your computer, Donnie. Hope you don't mind!"

    "Mikey, I was on a public chatroom."

    "Relax dude, I know how this stuff works! I didn't press record or anything."

    "It's an automatic microphone, Michelangelo. It's always on!"


    "Uh oh."


    ~ Ding ~

    User: DonnieDoesMachines has left the chatroom.



    So after seeing the latest TMNT film (which I surprisingly enjoyed more then I thought I would, believe it or not), I've got a bit of a craving to try something like this out. This RP would be put in its own little universe (as all of my fandom RP's are) rather then the pre-existing ones just so we're not limited in our creativity.

    Now, this isn't a complete reboot, as certain elements will carry over from the film's/television shows into our RP (ex. April could have already discovered the Turtles, Bebop and Rocksteady could have already mutated, etc), but the only element that will NOT be debated is the fact that the Turtles are still hidden from the public eye. As far as the citizens of New York City know, the 'New York Ninjas' are just a ghost-story used to frighten criminals. News stations, public officials, and even police officers all deny their existence, claiming that if such vigilantes did exist, then 'New York's Finest' would already have them behind bars.

    While it doesn't seem like there's much of a plot here, I actually do have a plan for how this is going to go. Like my previous fandom RP's, this RP will be separated into 'Chapters'. Each chapter will revolve around a certain element or plot that, once resolved (or left on a cliffhanger), will lead into the next chapter and so on and so forth.

    But I'll get more into detail about that later. For right now, I'll explain how the character roster is gonna work!

    To begin with, I don't think I'll allow anyone to play villainous characters (ex. Shredder, Krang, The Rat King), but I'm not entirely against the idea of it. Just be aware that if you ask to be a bad guy, you'll have to convince me of why you want to play one, plus you'll be associating with me quite a bit as to make sure we don't get sidetracked from the plot I had in mind for that chapter.

    But also, pre-existing characters can be reinvented for the new universe. For example, April O'Neil could be an intern just starting out at Channel 6, desperately trying to become a reporter and constantly bringing her superiors stories (which they consistently steal and never credit her for), or perhaps Venus (you know, the female turtle from the live-action TV series?) was discovered alongside the Turtles by splinter and raised as one of the members of the TMNT. Or it could be something entirely different, such as Karai being a vigilante fighting against the Foot Clan despite her being Shredder's daughter, or Bebop and Rocksteady could be allies of the Turtles instead of their enemies.

    The third alternative for your character choice would be a completely original character. They can be anyone, ranging from a vigilante who joins the Turtles fight for justice, a fellow mutant, or perhaps a regular citizen who gets dragged along for the adventure (ala Vernon Fenwick style).

    To make things simple, I'll provide a brief list of pre-existing TMNT characters who will be up for grabs in this RP. If one is crossed out, that means somebody has already claimed the character! (As a reference, you're allowed to have up to 2 characters, but please

    • Leonardo

    • Donatello

    Raphael <- Taken by yours truly :3

    • Michelangelo

    • Splinter (he'd have a more active role here then he does in the shows/films, where he just gets kidnapped/talks to the Turtles)

    • April O'Neil (again, she'd have a more prominent role as well aside from getting kidnapped)

    • Casey Jones

    • Venus de Milo (optional)​

    If you have any suggestions for pre-existing characters that you'd want to play, throw them at me!

    Anyways, if you're interested then post below and say what character(s) you'd like to play. As for myself, I'm gonna take the roles of Raphael and an OC Vigilante.
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  2. Also, I should mention that this would be based more in a quasi-real world (think of comic books/what Marvel's doing with their films), but you can still use drawn images for your character's FC.

    I also have ideas for how the Turtles might look, but I'll save that for a bit. They're based more so off of the 1990's film rather then the most recent ones.
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  3. Dammit man! I wanna be the bad guy! I can't just legally go out and antagonize some iwaku rpers?!?! But whyyyy;-; I'm totes mcgotes interested, but brah, I'm stealing that bad guy spot! I'll pm with you and be your Broskie with the plot if you like, it's's just not my thing, yo.

    But in simpler terms, interested, just wanna save some good guy stuff for good guys, you know :)
  4. Haha that's fine, let me know what you had in mind and I'll see where things go!

    And don't worry about that, we're not going super detailed with TMNT knowledge to begin with. It'll get progressively larger as time wears on, but I'm not about to throw out an obscure reference like the Mighty Mutanimals or Kitsune anytime soon.
  5. 2014 Series Teen April or Classic Adult April?

    Any chance LEATHERHEAD will be up for playable character?
  6. You could be either the 2012 Teen April, the 1980's Adult April, the 2003 April, the 2008 April, or the 2014 Film April, or a whole new April if you wanted to play her ^^

    Same goes with the rest of the canon characters.

    Would you want to play Leatherhead as a hero instead of a villain?

    Also, guys, let's try to fill up the remaining three slots of the Turtles as well, since the franchise is named after them.

    We'll be starting with around 5-8 people depending on, so there's still time left.
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  7. Karai would not be an option in this one would she?
  8. No, she is! I mentioned her earlier ^^

    Were you thinking of a good Karai, a bad Karai, a neutral Karai, etc?
  9. The vigilante version against The Foot Clan Karai. ^^
  10. Perfect!

    Now... We need some Turtle Power. Let's get the band together!
  11. *pokes head in* So my friend pointed me over here. I'm not extremely picky but I'm gonna go ahead and get this out anyways...

    So um... Here's who I'd be interested in playing.


    or if I have to...

    I'd be slightly interested in Casey Jones
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  12. Hey! A Turtle :D

    Sure thing, @Raven! If you want to take Casey as well that's fine, but you don't have to.
  13. I'll leave Casey open for someone who may want him more.
  14. Will it be okay if I play a meld between Tokka and Slash? I really like the idea of playing a mutant ALLIGATOR snapping turtle, but a good one. The problem is, Tokka is a villain, and Slash is a COMMON snapping turtle. Or maybe I can just make Tokka a good guy?
  15. I'm fine with any of those suggestions for how to make Tokka/Slash one character, pick your favourite and roll with it!
  16. Also, PLEASE choose a ninja turtle, because the anticipation for this to start is killing me

    Also, if you're Tokka, well, since I'm already planning on making a wolf mutant, I'll double up the wolfies and play Rahzar for you ;) And yeah, he can be a good guy, to balance out that good guy-bad guy action!
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  17. I'm still deciding on Leatherhead's origins and ways. During our brainstorms, I was deciding between scientist and Villain's prisoner, so likely leaning towards non-antagonistic.

    If we are allowed more than one character, I would also like Michaelangelo, he's one of a kind.
  18. Mikey's already taken, but Donatello and Leonardo are still available. And you're allowed up to 2 characters.
  19. Then Donatello.

    He's the fellow.
  20. Alright sounds good ^^
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