New York Ghoul (A Tokyo Ghoul RP)

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  1. IC:

    (It is not required that you watch the anime or read the manga)

    Basics of the ghouls:
    1. Ghouls look exactly like humans, but there eyes can changed to black with a red iris
    2. Ghouls are unable to consume human foods, it will make them sick. But for some reason they can happily drink coffee
    3. Ghouls must hunt and eat humans to stay alive. They can last about a month with out eating food (this varies from ghoul to ghoul)
    4. Kagume is a liquid muscle used by ghouls to hunt. It grows out a spot from the back of the ghoul
    5. Ghouls have superhuman attributes like healing and physical skills
    6. Cannibalism is frowned upon slightly by the ghoul community, but it can lead to powering growing in a ghouls kagume

    Basics of doves:
    1. An organisation made to hunt and kill the ghouls
    2. They are just normal humans, so they are rather squishy
    3. Doves use quinques to combat ghouls, which are stored in metal brief cases
    4. Quinques are made from a ghouls Kagume

    Note: please post on the Ic at least once a week once accepted, thank you

    New York

    The Ghoul situation in New York is about the same as in Tokyo. There are a few groups of ghouls that have banded together and attack the organisation. But no serious movements, at least not yet. Just like in Tokyo there are many shops run by Ghouls to help others who do not believe or physically can not hunt. People dying is still a regular occurrence in the news with the large amount of Ghouls inside the city. As well as Ghoul deaths being aired when the doves manage to get a kill.

    Many Ghouls attempt to fit in with society, going about a normal life. Some even have made strong relationships with humans. But in the end a Ghoul is a Ghoul, or at least that's what everyone will tell you. As for the organisation, they are seen as the saviors of the human race. But in the eyes of the ghouls they hunt, they are seen as living demons.


    The question is what are you? Are you one of the feared Ghouls who pray on the flesh of the humans. Or are you humanities last hope, and you are a dove of the organisation. Or maybe you are just a regular human

    Appearance: (Anime picture or description)
    Kagume: (please be as creative as you like with this)

    Ghoul investigator/Dove
    Appearance: (Anime picture or description)
    Quinque: (Please be as creative as you like with this)
    Occupation: (If you have another)


    Appearance: (Anime picture or description)

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Daiki Umo
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    History: WIP
    Kagume: There's a total of 7 that can come out at once. The coloration of them is Black & Lavender. Their appearance when first coming out looks like water pouring out from his back till they become solid and represent long spiny spider legs.
  3. Ghoul

    Name: Damien Balthazar (yes, he's related to that Balthazar)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight


    Personality: He knows that he needs to eat to survive, but he usually sticks to convicts and death row people. He doesn't like the thought of taking innocent lives, and so he is reasonable and well thought in his responses, never saying anything that would end in a "Bad end" (he plays a lot of VN/Sims)

    History: Damien had his parents both killed by Doves, but that was before they discovered how to harvest the Kagume. He has been living on his own for around five years, and still has yet to find the extent of his family history, though he spends every other night looking into it. The doves don't know that he is a ghoul, but they are suspecting his class at the high school to have at least two. (Anyone want to be in the same class as I?)

    Kagume: His Kagume is a mix between his mother's and his father's. It is a pair of usable wings, and a liquid blade that goes from his lower back, along his arm before hardening/semi-hardening. The blade can't be truly destroyed, as it is a liquid based tool.

    Occupation: Student (part time janitor at the prison)
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  4. 2012-05-06-497454.jpeg
    Name: Minami Nyx
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Minami has exceptionally long black hair, which is spiky and unmanageable most of the time. She always wears something on her head like a hood or a cap.
    Her body is slender, but she isn't weak at all. She has amber colored eyes and a fair skin and usually dresses in jeans with sneakers and tank tops.
    Occasionally she can be found in a black kimono, she has developed a liking for the thing.
    Her boney wings and skull mask have effectively given her the nickname "Reaper" among doves.

    Personality: Minami has shielded herself from the world and trusts few people. She doesn't want to blend in with the human society, but does so anyway. She is hesitant to warm up to people, but will be very affectionate when she does so. Children are her weak spot.
    Minami is a great fan of Japanese culture and will buy typical Japanese things. She always eats with her chopsticks and has purchased a kimono online.

    When Minami was only 9 years old her younger sister, who was 6 at the time, was spotted feeding after sneaking out of the house. Shortly after she was suspected as being a ghoul by the Doves and one day was stopped by two as she walked home from school. Her father had suspected this to happen and had followed his youngest daughter, protecting her when she was attacked. His wife, Minami's mother, had also joined him and fought the Doves furiously. It looked like they were winning, one of the Doves was taken out and the other was severely wounded, but right at that time back-up showed up and both Minami's parents and her sister were taken down. Her father had taken some precautions and when they were not heard from, a friend of his came to pick up the remaining daughter.

    Minami has inherited her Kagune from her parents and they have changed a bit over the years.
    Her Rinkaku is a dark color, almost black in appearance. At this point she has several tentacles to fight with, which seem like ordinary Rinkaku. In battle, however, she can change the appearance of her rinkaku to seem almost like chains with spikes on them.

    From her father she has inherited her ukaku, though they look nothing like ordinary ukaku wings. Instead, the kagune has taken on an almost bone-like appearance with an earie aura surrounding it, almost as if the liquid muscle has become like mist.

    Occupation: She is a Barista at a coffee-house.
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  9. Ghoul
    Name: Leo Ventor
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Around his friends Leo seems rather kind and normal. But he can sometimes seem slightly distant from others, mainly because he is a Ghoul. However he can even seem distant from other Ghouls, this is because of the boys violent urges. Leo has been seen to have an almost psychotic personality in fighting. His thirst for constant violence has lead too him getting in lots of trouble. It is obvious to any one, that the boy clearly enjoys the thrill of the fight and shows little guilt when taking someones life.
    History: Born into a well off family of Ghouls, Leo was the only child. He lived a happy and care free life, until he began to show his violent urges. Up until then his parents had hunted for him, but after the boy seemed to hunt on his own. Against humans he would rarely use his Kagume, this was because it was too easy if he did. Leo loved a challenge when he hunted, which is what lead the boy to start hunting Ghouls. But because of his actions his parents were attacked and killed by a group of Ghouls as they looked for Leo. Luckily Leo managed to kill them, and survive the attack. But this didn't stop his hunger for Ghouls, it may seem that it even increased his love for killing them.
    Kagume: Leo's Kagume is an armor that so far can cover a total of 2 limbs. It is liquid like when it engulfs his limbs, but soon solidifies to a red armor, that glows slightly. This armor is strong, and also applies effects to the limbs.

    Covering both of his arms gives Leo a large strength boost in his arms. As well as this they are very durable and resilient so can take a lot of hits. Finally they are sharp, making him able to easily pierce thick layers of metal.

    Covering both legs allows him to move at high speeds. He is also able to kick with incredible power, and jump very large heights.

    Covering one leg and one arm applies the effects to only those two limbs. So the power is at 50%

    Occupation: student, no current job
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  14. Ghoul
    Harvey Williams, but he currently goes by Harvey Lovatt


    Male Sexuality: Bisexual (Tends to go for more for guys)


    Harvey lived with his ghoul parents until the age of 18. During those 18 years they taught him how to hunt, how to fit into the human world and lastly also how to fight. In those 18 years he never had to use his fighting knowledge as it seemed he had managed to blend into the human world without being noticed. However peace was not to last as one day a bunch of doves showed up and instantly started killing anyone in the Williams home. His parents started to fight of the invaders, but eventually they both got killed, but not before Harvey had managed to get out from the house and into the streets.

    Harvey lived on the street for almost four weeks. each day was filled with fear that the doves would hunt him down, so he did his best to blend in and starved himself. Starving yourself when you’re a ghoul isn’t the smartest as eventually you will lose control and just lash out and consume anything to sedate the hunger.

    So one day Harvey broke and he started following a woman. She smelled so good and Harvey felt his mouth water by just thinking about eating her. The woman walked away from the main street and into a side street. Just as the two got out of view of anyone walking on the main street Harvey jumped at her, but was quickly sent flying into a building and he heard someone growl “You are not going to eat my wife !” It turned out that the woman was one half of a human and ghoul couple and the ghoul husband was less then keen on having his wife get eaten.

    Harvey pleaded for his life and somewhere in the middle of it all managed to play on some of the couples heartstring and they said he could live with them for a month.A month turned to a year and a year has turned into five.

    Harvey is extremely protective of his new family and will stop at nothing to protect them. He is a nice and caring guy, often he can be found sharing his meals with other ghouls that lack the skills to hunt for themselves.

    Harvey has 4 long tentacles with a sharp point on the end. The tentacles are thin and easily destroyed, but thanks to their great flexibility and speed he is no joke.

    Currently works at a Starbucks, their coffee isn’t to bad.​
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