New Years Eve Plans

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  1. What are you guys doing to ring in the new year?

    My boyfriend is going to go get shitfaced playing drinking games at his parents place, I usually play board games and eat snacks with my family, what do you guys do?
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  2. celebrate my little bros birthday, he was born 1/01/01
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  3. I'mma drink till I can't feel feelings anymore.
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  4. Uh.
    Set fires in peoples candy homes.
    What else would I do?

    But srsly, gonna chill/party/play board games with mom, my auntie, brother and sister-in-law. It'll be grand.

    Oh, and drink wine. And when Staci drinks wine, that means she tries to finish near to half a glass before it makes her all warm and giggly.

    :D Yay, weakling.
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  5. Probably play video games and drink stuff.
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  6. Our new years tradition is to make Hot Wings and Sushi! 8D We spend hours frying the most unhealthy food ever while blabbering and playing a game.

    This year I'll be doing that while ALSO running a New Years chat roleplay here on Iwaku. >:3
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  7. Minecraft.
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  8. Booooozin'

    Maybe some Skyyypan?

    Back when I used to go out a lot I would party every year, now that I don't like people or crowds anymore, I just spend it with the people I most love.
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  9. Stay home and either play Diablo 3 or watch hockey. Or both, if I decide to finally find a place to put the second monitor I've had for well over a year now.
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  10. Have some games of Blackjack, local tradition, with my family. I intended to spend the night with my girlfriend but looks like both of our families want us to spend the time with them.
  11. I will either be playing in Diana's Charp or sitting here aloooone. Kehv has to work New Year's Eve and Day and as such he has to be in bed well before midnight. So Diana's Charp will keep me from being sulky! :D
  12. I'm going to get so shnokered that I can't walk straight.
  13. Noooooooo idea. Apparently we are going out to dinner with some people who's house I've been in before.

    There is nobody my age there, just a young boy and a slightly older teenage girl who makes me uncomfortable beasue she goes to my school apparently o.o

    So I might just run out the window.
  14. Eat snacks with my friends... Yep, that's pretty much the only thing we shall do xD