New Year's Eve at Katrinka's Dating Service! (Dec 31st @ 7PM)

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    Dearest Friend and/or Client,

    This past year has been a roller coaster of up and downs for the Service and many of you, my wonderful clients and greatest of friends. As of the end of this month, I am officially closing Katrinka's Dating Service. After the murders last winter, the reputation of this business has been bleak. I have been unable to get new clients, and unable to find matches for those I already have. I gave my heart to this job and to all of you, and it really pains me to have it end before it's time.

    HOWEVER, to thank all of you that have stuck with me through thick and thin, I am hosting one last big event! A New Year's Party here at the Service. You, your friends, your family, and any guests are invited to ring in the New Year. Hopefully with more positive results!

    I really hope to see you there.

    Katrinka Carrel
    Owner of Katrinka's Dating Service

    Where: Roleplay City
    Genre & Atmosphere: Modern Real Life Socializing Romance with a Hint of Potential Drama and Action!

    One year after a series of murders tied to the Dating Service, Miss Katrinka is hosting one last party. For those of you who are familiar with this roleplay are welcome to bring back old characters. If not - don't worry! New characters are 100% welcome! This roleplay is for everyone who doesn't have anything to do on New Year's Eve and still want to go to a party! 8D Have a romance, have a fight, go for whatever you like.

    Your character and plot options:
    - A Client of Katrinka's Dating Service
    - An Employee of the Service for the Event (Catering, Bar, Etc.)
    - A guest or family member of a client (or former client)
    - Random Walking Strangers
    - Anything you desire as long as it makes sense in a "Reality" setting!

    Show up in the Cbox Main a little bit before 7 to let me know you're joining, so I have a headache if anyone is playing. You're also welcome to post a bio of your character here in this thread!
  2. I might join a little bit late, is that okay?
  3. Yup! It'll be going on until midnight!
  4. This roleplay is TONIGHT for everyone interested in joining!