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New Year Wishes

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    [size=+1]What do you hope most to achieve in the new year?[/size]
  2. A girl friend, a job, get into MA
  3. Get enough credits to finish high school early =D
  4. Get enough credits to finish High School
  5. Get a job and improve my writing.
  6. Quit a lot of things like eating pasta, meat, drinking coffee, eating junk and make it through my first college course. I might get my last credit for high school but idk. Not in the mood. I already have what I need for college.
  7. Start off my new major without any missteps, finding a cool girl that likes what I like would be nice, not falling asleep before the new year comes and traveling some more whether it is to the east coast or into central America.
  8. Transform into who I really am and not this pathetic excuse of a shell.

    ...if that fails: Live another year.

    I would love that. >> Imagine how many choices for players and roleplays we would have...
  10. Dear 2013, I would like a job that uses some brain cells and my talents/skills.

    And/Or maybe the courage to write some poetry. Meh.
  11. Be rich and retire.
  12. Go back to work, get my asthma under control so I wont be stuck in the hospital ALL FREAKING SPRING AND SUMMER AGAIN and uh...make new friends or something, I guess.
  13. To better my health I will quit smoking(again), start eating only organic foods(again), and start running(also... again).
    I will adopt a Pitbull, because I love Pitbulls.
  14. * To move out and be accepted by HUD
    * Maybe find a girlfriend
    * To be accepted for SSI
    * To have no more serious problems that require a hospital visit
    * To make friends and be able to afford therapy
    * Maybe improve my health enough that I can consider getting a job
  15. Finish high school!