New Year Resolutions

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  1. I'm surprised nobody had created this thread yet o.o

    What are your resolutions for 2015?
  2. 1. Enroll at Beauty College
    2. Go to the gym at least three times a week
    3. Finish my short story and have it published on Amazon
    4. Reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube
    5. Get my lower denture implanted

  3. Actually a resolution thread has been created, but it lies on page two since no one has posted in it for five days :)

    My resolution was healthy eating, study japanese, find a job and work hard for iwaku. (Which I totally had to check up to remember. That's a good sign xD)
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  5. :o i stand corrected
    • Learn to draw
    • Get better at martial arts
    • Continue losing weight
    • Become wiser and continue growing
  6. - Keep loving myself.

    - Make a bigger effort to reply to messages on all platforms. It's a really big mountain for me to scale, but I need to conquer it some time. I need to remember that messages really aren't that scary... really. The chances of someone making vast judgments of your character from a few lines of text on a PM are very small, and think of all the friends you could make! Even for those friends you do already have, imagine how happy they'll be to have you message them consistently. Leaving them in the dark for so long can make them think you don't care. You do care, so keep up the effort.

    - Move out of this dang home and gain some shred of independence!
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  7. I have officially been cigarette free for a year, that being my last years resolution

    This years resolution is to make it another year without a cigarette and not drink any alcohol.

    Baby steps...
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  8. Drink Moar tea!....and try to drink less pop
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  9. Not skipping work because of my depressions for at least a month c:

    E: Also working more serious on my game this year. I had so much fun making that small roguelike last year!
  10. More Captain Morgan. More concerts. Less introversion. More social stuff. Keep my RPG's going. Land a stable job.
  11. My only resolution is to not die.
    Let's face it, I'm not actually going to be able to set a goal for myself and achieve it, unless that goal is so ridiculously easy a chimp could do it before me.
  12. Um, well, I don't really do New Years resolutions. But I guess they would be:

    -Not procrastinating in my work and motivating myself to do better
    -Overcoming depression and boosting my self-esteem
    -Developing more confidence when talking to other people
    -Getting into a consistent morning routine and fixing my sleeping schedule.
  13. A single goal.

    Going from 230 lbs. to 200~.

    Going from fatty-body to beef-cake beach body 2015 YYEEEAAAHHH.

    A body like 'dis (open)
  14. My resolutions are to dance more and to get more flexible! I also want to just do more of the things I love, like writing and drawing and playing video games! Also... Saving money. >_<
  15. 1. Continue trying to better self
    2. Try to be real self in public view
    3. Apologize to all the people whose relationship with me turned rocky due to emotional issues
    4. Try to keep atleast one stable relationship
    5. Kill demons
    6. Get better at voice stuff (Singing - Voice acting)
    7. Improve writing
    8. Become more charming
  16. Another one of my resolutions is to talk to the community more! You all seem like wonderful people and I'd like to get to know some of you lot a bit better.
    • Improve both my digital and traditional art
    • Start a graphic novel (I did page one yesterday :D)
    • Get in the gym
    • Go outside at least once every two weeks, as in hiking, camping etc.
    • Try to be less of a hermit
    • Stop procrastinating as much. Seriously, it's pretty bad.
    @Fijoli Congrats on the smoking.

    @Fauna I have the same problem in terms of keeping in contact with people. It's sad because since i've moved to a new city i've been pretty sad with how little i've maintained old friendships and how little effort i've put into making new ones.

    @Nica How many youtube followers do you have now?
  17. @Atlas Child Currently 408 subscribers. I plan on making a video three times a week instead of twice a month.
  18. I don't do new years resolutions. I only use new years to reflect on how the last year went, and revise what I intend to achieve by next year. If I want to start a new goal or habit however, I do it straight away or when the time's appropriate. I don't get abstaining until after hogmanay. Not to be a downer on resolutions or look like i'm speaking down to people, but I personally feel that New years is a time to celebrate the passing year passed with friends and family, not spent as some sort of final deadline for things put off within it.