New year resolutions.

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  1. Christmas is over (almost) Now it's time to get your resolutions on.

    Anything YOU want to change about yourself this year? Or are you already a perfectly completed project?

    Post! Now! October needs to know!​
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  2. I resolve to not make any resolutions I can't keep.

    (This, too, won't end well)
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  3. Get more organized!
  4. I hate making resolutions, I never keep them. >:[

    I want to paaaaiiint mooooore.
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  5. My New Year's Revolution is to get back to the weight I was BEFORE I began college.

    My time limit? January until graduating day in August.
    My motivation? Two of the other ladies in my class are doing it too, and they've already lost a LOT of weight. So my classmates, Mary and Kim, are my motivation.

    In other words, look as sexy as they will! All I want is to have a nice body and a perky butt like the hot guys in the movies. It's gotta be firmmm so I can bounce quarters off it!
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  6. I admit that resolutions and I don't mix well, kind of like oil and water.

    But I do have serious goals for the new year, chief among them being approved for student aid (like the Pell grant) and getting into Indiana State University.
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  7. This isn't one I'm waiting til the new year to start, but it's the resolution I'm most working to commit to my life right now

    I want to apply the following to my relationships with people

    • Do not call for people from another room; go to them and talk to them

    • Do not tap your fingers, feet, or otherwise show impatience when waiting

    • Do not shout, name-call, or use sarcasm in an argument

    • Listen first, talk after.

    • Be supportive of the other person's happiness, without regard to your own

    • Always be open to changing your mind

    • Do nice things for the other person, without being asked

    • Do not have conversation while being on your phone, computer, etc. Drop what you're doing and listen.

    • Be sincere, don't say something just to end an argument or calm someone down if it's not true.

    • Before making accusations, consider what you might have done to contribute to the problem.
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  8. Im going to try and get a relationship that will actually last!
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  9. Clean my mess of an apartment.
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  10. Get some scripting done.

    Draw more.

    Write more.

    Read more.

    Finish a roleplay.
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  11. More roleplays! More happiness! That's really about it for me. I'd like to run a chat roleplay once a month next year too. Find interesting new people to roleplay with and branch out and meet new friends! That falls into the 'More Roleplay' and 'More happiness' categories though. :)
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  12. Hm... I would have to say...
    • Talk with my family more. Meaning, call my Dad at least once every two weeks and talk with my best friend at least twice a week face to face.
    • Get in shape. That entails exercising daily.
    • Write more. Make time for it every day -- not counting roleplays (I have to reply to those daily, too)
    • Read more. Read whenever I have the chance -- no wandering on roleplay threads uselessly or stalking on Facebook or laughing at things on Tumblr (or at least not excessively)
    • And homework. The day I get homework, it needs to get started the day I get it. Even if it's just a bit on that first day, it needs to be started.
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  13. Uhhhhh. Resolutions......

    -Don't have one more ER trip this 2014. (at least not more than 2, if that fails)

    -Be nicer to my insides through eating.
    -Don't worry so much about what I can't control.
    -Walk the dog more when I'm home!! <3
    -Write more. Draw more. Sing more. Dance more. Laugh more.
    -Play more LoL so I can whoop dem n00bs all up in thur

    -Call gramma at least every other weekend if not every weekend.
  14. I've been thinking about this for a long time as well, and I actually made a few of mine from this year so I'm going to try and lower my amount, haha.
    I made a blog dedicated to keeping a few challenges year round, like posting a picture a day, answering a question a day, and posting a thought a day. And along with that, I'm going to try and get a B in all of my courses and start being healthier! know, roleplay. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
  15. Digivolve into a 29 year old crone.
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