New year resolutions

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  1. Do you have anything you want to change or do differently this new year?

    Post it here! Hold yourself to it!
  2. I'm going for 190 lbs. and RIPPED.

    Before Summer.
  3. Heh, I have a lot of resolutions this time around. 2012 has been a rough year for me, so I'm determined to make 2013 my bitch. :3

    1. Get back into school, dammit. I don't want to continue my education at the shitty college here in Ontario, but if I can maybe I'll do some basic courses that will prepare me better for the next school to come. (I hear the math programs here ain't too bad.) Which brings me to...:

    2. Move to someplace less shitty. :D Particularly, someplace that's closer to my family members. We're hoping to move to a part of Oregon that's not a terribly long drive from Olympia so that we can have visits more often. I needs my mama.

    3. Be the best mother and girlfriend I can possibly be. My main focus is going to be my son and my babydaddy. I want to take good care of them, make them happy, all that good stuff... Once this kiddo pops out, I'll be in total parent mode!

    4. Confess to my parents that I've accepted smoking marijuana as my lifestyle. I shouldn't have to hide anymore, especially since my family members live in a state where it's legalized. It's going to take a lot of courage, but I'll have a whole year to prepare something I can tell them.

    5. Adopt a kitten, because I need cats to live. :|

    6. I... I want to bake a lot of cupcakes. This is a silly resolution, but I hardly baked any this year because of stupid depression and not having my own kitchen to comfortably experiment cooking at. I hope to change that. I'm the cupcake fairy, aaand I owe cupcakes to several people for their birthdays. o__o; Oh man.

    7. Another silly but sort of necessary goal: get drunk for fun. I was deprived of alcohol prior to age 21 because my mom didn't allow it in her house after she recovered in AA. Then like, after I turned 21, I didn't get much of a chance to sample drinks 'cause of expired ID and THEN getting pregnant. :| So after the boy is born, I'm feeling better, and I have the time/ability to have a little fun with drinks with my friends, I'm totes doing it. I'm having me a very belated 21st birthday bash thingy lolol. It'll be the only one I have, too. Alcohol isn't my most favorite thing in the whole world, I just want the one stupid experience. >>;

    8. Get rotting wisdom teeth removed. I'm scared shitless to do this because I have horrible dentist anxiety. The new year, I'm going to work on building the strength to confront dentists again so I can get done what my mouth needs done. (lol) That is, unless I won't ever be able to get insured for the procedure... In that case, let 'em rot. XD

    9. Continue to improve myself as a person. This year has been progressive with conquering my anxiety disorders and all that, but I still need some work. I can't afford the therapy to keep giving me coping methods, so it'll be a challenge. I can do it, though. I can totes do it.

    10. Live by these two quotes taught to me by two guys I saw on TV: "Enjoy the little things." and "Live every week like it's shark week."
  4. Mine are plain and simple. I'll sit myself down for 'the talk'.

    1. Look after yourself, you have a bad track record for that, don't look at yourself like that, we know it's the truth.

    2. DUDE! Lay off the pessimism. It's not doing us any favors.

    3. Man, look at where you are, you have an insanely wonderful lady who loves you and I KNOW you love her back. Stop being a douche, lay off the joke anger and hate. I know she can bounce it right back but she needs your love and support as much as you need hers. You're getting there dawg just keep at it.

    4. I know work is stressful and sometimes you need and comfort foods, and you can afford a couple more pounds on your belly but you need to save, once in a while is cool but lay off a little and when you do don't go the whole hog. Not saying you do, you do show restraint but you can do better.

    5. Work. No! Sit back down I know you don't want to hear this and you hate your job. But it is the means to an end and while you're in it give it all you've got. Sell yourself and do everything you can to enjoy it. It's not easy but a smooth workflow will go a long way to making it better. When you go make sure they miss you. Which brings us to...

    6. Progress! You know what you want. No one said Moving to the US of A would be easy. Hell it took TB 5 years and he had to become an internet celebrity to do it, not saying start a YouTube channel but patience and persistence bring rewards. This is one problem you're going to have to out stubborn and keep an eye out for opportunities.

    7. Never stop. Ocha introduced you to free online study and your year is already full. Take you victories here, prove to yourself and to all those around you that you cannot be stopped. If you get certificates (and you will) that's more paper to throw at people to get what you want. This is your time, this is when you show the world what Lord Vayder Valentine can do. You know what to do, go out there and do it.

    8. Stop talking to yourself, it's weird.
  5. How 'bout not going completely broke?

    Not gonna give up, lose hope or faith in myself, and am just gonna keep persevering to make it through the precarious position I find myself in.

    There's no time for other manners of "self-improvement" until I can set foot on solid ground again.
  6. I don't like to make New Years Resolutions, because when I inevitably failed, I hate myself for it. ;_; BUT. This year there are some things I really want to make an effort at. 2012 sucked out at lot of my life and fire, and I want it back.


    1. Being consistent and on top of my household chores. A messy, cluttered environment makes me feel blargh and like a bad house elf, then I get depressed and nothing gets done. And when holidays come around, I'm always scrambling to make things "presentable" because I hadn't done chores for a few days. A clean environment makes me feel accomplished and happy. I hate having to scramble.

    2. No more fears about stepping on family toes about taking over holidays and birthdays. When someone else plans it, they get stressed out, don't communicate because of past issues, and by the date rolls around there's uncomfortable awkwardness and cranky worn out people. When I do the holidays, everything is always planned a month in advanced, all people have to worry about is showing up, and we have far less hiccups. BE BOSSY. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE.

    3. Continue improving the eating habits of the household. We are doing good, but we could be doing a lot better about cutting out sugar.

    4. Get Gibs' computer desk and shelves built, and get started on the biiiiiiiig book shelves and entertainment shelves. Then I can buy more DVDS and the TV won't be yanked down on a baby's head! 8D

    5. Start planning meals 1 month in advanced to save money and be more organized! >:3
  7. I usually don't do resolutions, but! ...maybe writing down goals will help. That's what all those self help things say, don't they?

    Do the busy work! It's not difficult, you already know the course material, it's all about review and writing a few paragraphs!

    Advertise! I am my own best tool to getting what I want out of life and the more people I communicate this with, the better!

    Move it! Start dancing, go on walks, use mom's stupid equipment, it's there and it's free to use.

    Stop getting sick! Okay this one ~is~ a bit difficult, but if you plan your meals better, stop letting work control your life and move (see above) your less likely to get sick or feel lousy every single month.

    Remember your website? It's advertisement (see above) and it's something you actually want to do, so why aren't you doing it?

    Travel! This is always on the plans, but this year make a few changes, get the passport darling, and take a train!

  8. My biggest goal it to keep up with my schedualed uploads on my art websites this year. Ugh. Murder.
  9. Ok, Me, resolutions for 2013. We're gonna make them happen! >:[

    Get your passport! You had everything set up, but didn't get it done. DO IT THIS YEAR!

    Get you Learner's License. You are 19, and you need to know how to drive!

    Try your best in school! I know its been 3 years since we've been in the education system, but shake off that rust and work at it!



    Go visit Levi in America once you've got your passport straightened out and school break rolls around

    Work on that comic you've been putting off

    Start up some role-plays. Seriously, you haven't actually written anything in MONTHS. You know you miss it.

    Figure out a way to convince everyone to move from Skype to some other chat service until you figure out why skype isn't working ._.#

    Speak up more against people. They're not always right about you.