New Year Projects

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  1. Do you have any traditions that you do for a new year?

    Like taking a jar and putting a more in every time something good happens, and reading them at the end of the year

    Or starting a piggy bank for next year's December Holidays

    Do you clean like a mofo to start the New Year all neat and organized?
  2. That piggy bank idea is a wonderful idea!!!
    I usually try to completely overhaul my life and it usually fails after a few weeks...But this year I'm going to try and post a photo a day for the whole year in hopes that I can actually complete something for once!
  3. It's always just been another day for me. Mostly, when I was younger, it was another day I didn't have to go to school. xD

    Maybe I could start a thing or two. I actually just finished some crazy cleaning. When my allergies are furiously uncomfortable for me, I know I did a good job. XP I like the sound of a super clean home to start off the year. Another idea I've toyed with is sending out New Years greeting cards with photos on them. I'm actually waiting for the cards I made to get here. I customized them with family photos of me, my son, and my boyfriend. :3 They say we've had a great year and we wish all the best to our loved ones. We'll see if I can keep that up annually. It would be cool to collect a card from each year to make something of a timeline that shows how our family's changed each year!

    I also like that piggy bank idea. I have a panda bear bank I don't use for anything particularly. I think I'll pretend he's a bank teller who helps me make deposits for my holiday fund.
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