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So, hey everyone. I have been on this website for a while now and it seems all the roleplayers that I had 1x1 with have disappeared eventually over time until I am left with no one. So, I thought this might be a good idea to start looking for some fresh, new faces for roleplay.

For me:
  • Usually post between 2-6 paragraphs, depending on what I am offered.
  • I usually like to discuss our details for our plot.
  • I intend for long term
  • I usually use the lore that I created because I have so much that it is usually easy to use those settings. If you have one of your own, as long as my character can fit? I'll do it.
  • I'm around daily, I post quickly and usually a few times a day.
  • I don't want to chase you for replies, it bothers me.
  • I'd like someone who can reply to me a few times a week, I'm not going to be upset if you have to do less, but like 1 time a week is usually really hard for me to keep up with because I always have to re-read the thread between us before replying.
  • I have a weakness for action, drama, a little horror, romance, dark-themes and violence.
  • If sex happens, it happens.
  • I roleplay M/F and F/F, but I do prefer female and I will play male if you are interested in the male characters I have. :D!!!
Onto the RP:
  • Kitesoix
    • I'm looking for dark-themed stuff for her, usually a lawful evil character with a heart of gold or a child hood friend who is drastically different from how she remembers them. It would involves violence to both characters, npcs, some tension between them, love and confrontation outside of their personal drama that adds to the scene. I really love playing this character, so hopefully someone will bite on this.
  • Persephone
    • I am looking for a romantic interest/caring butler type character for Persephone. She has a dark secret that the butler knows about and he serves her family because her father released him from his prisons. This would be more socialite drama, crime drama and it would escalate into drama involving local government because of her secret getting out.
  • Cerveil
    • He's a fallen angel. Fallen Angels in my world are "miracle workers" too attached to the human condition to give up their bodies to the Holiness. So, he has a kind of impish way of being and he is very careless, he is usually bored. I am looking for a female character to come and find him, after having searched for him specifically and request a miracle from him. This would have to be something he's never done before, so it cannot be something like an ailing family member or town. I want this girl to make him see that what he's doing is a good thing, that he can still feel things like he used to.
  • Erisaed
    • She's an Invoker, a person who is bound by the soul to a holy beast god. They are devoured by the beast god after their body has used all the resources. She is stubborn, lawful good, kind and self-sacrificing. I usually enjoy to pair her with someone who is evil, in need of help or something. This would be often times grim-dark.
  • Zajora
    • She is an Invoker too, she is bound by the beast god Leviathan. She is further along her devoured path, so she looks a lot more like a fish-girl(sorta! i have a pic in my characters.) I am looking for a vampire(preferably), a nice one, to help her along to not be terrified of all people in the world. This is likely going to have outside npcs constantly trying to fuck with your character's noble title because he has this enemy of the state with him.
    • I have a lot of fandom characters, so I will list ships I am looking for.
      • Paddra-Nsu Yeul / Sephiroth
      • Paddra-Nsu Yeul / Noel
      • Paddra-Nsu Yeul / Snow Villiers
      • Lightning Farron / Hope
      • Jenova(TYPE OC) / Kadaj
      • Annie Leonhardt / Armin
      • Petra Ral / Levi
      • Lunafreya / Noctis
I may be able to do a rp with your first character.
I have ideas or characters that would be nice for your top two and I'm extremely interested in both of them ; o ;
I'm interested in Cerveil! C:
If you're still up for role playing, I'm interested in Cerveil.
If you're still up for role playing, I'm interested in Cerveil.
I would, but you are a blue star and I planned for my RPs to be mature :(
still searching
Still searching.
still searching
Still searching!
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