New Year at DWMA

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  1. Leone (open)

    Leone Kyvak


    3rd year at DWMA.

    Weapon Form:

    Leone is a quiet and guarded individual. People tend to avoid him due to the cold, glaring expression he typically has on his face. He's quick when it comes to thinking strategy. He can see through lies a mile away and has generally low expectations for other people. Many people like to take guesses as to why he is the way he is, though he does not humor them. He hasn't found a partner yet because no one has been able to really connect with him.

    Finding flaws in security systems.
    Playing the saxophone.
    Fighting solo.

    Privacy, security, all that fun stuff.
    Warm places.
    Tiger lilies.

    Rain, snow, sleet, hail, thunder, lightning, ect.
    Liars, cheaters, and wanna-bes.
    People trying to pry information out of him.

    Old Scars/Future Hearts by All Time Low

    Leone let out a soft sigh as he felt the light of the sun stream in through his window. It was a new year at DWMA, and he wasn't feeling motivated to leave the pile of fluffy blankets he was buried under. He was happy, wearing a pair of grey pajama bottoms with black and white cat paw prints all over them. He let out an annoyed sigh and attempted to crawl out from under the blankets, only to fall out of bed and fall flat out on the cold, hard floor. Today wasn't going to be a good day. He knew it.

    He slowly came around to dress in his usual black clothes, brushed his hair- though it still poked up here and there thanks to his bed head, brushed his teeth, and headed out to scrape through the day. His first mission of the day- get a cup of coffee. As he sipped at the hot beverage, he wondered if it would be worth finding a meister this year. Probably, there wasn't a single one left in his grade. Working alone never bothered him, but, hey, sometimes he did need some help, and it was about time that he got out there and asked for it.

    However, Leone was hesitant to be social with anyone. Opening up was one thing that actually scared Leone. And when a connection between meister and weapon is made, your soul can be seen. He did not like that. Not one bit.

    Coffee in hand, Leone made his way through the halls. His sharp, cold blue eyes focused ahead, and people ducked out of his way as to avoid contact. He made his way to the large meeting room where meisters met weapons on the first day.
  2. Annalinde, as always, was out of bed at 6:00 sharp. Routinely she dressed herself carefully to be sure she looked neat. She purposely wore clothing that covered her curves. She wanted people to focus on her outstanding work, not her chest. She brushed her long blonde hair and put it in a pony tail. Checking her schedule Anne did her morning excercises making a plan in her head.

    She made herself some breakfast consisting of only healthy ingredients to start her morning. This too she ate multitasking, reading her book while eating, Drank a glass of milk and prepared herself for the rest of her morning. Just thinking about it made her skin crawl though. All these people she had to meet. All these people who had their own talents. All this competition. She was stressing out.

    "What if my weapon is unskilled, what if we cant get along" Was all she could think about, making her way to the meeting room. "Theres even a possibility the only weapon ill succesfully be able to work with doesnt fit my own fighting style at all..", god she hated the unexpected.

    Entering the meeting room she looked around. So many meisters and weapons talking to eachother figuring out who is amatch with who. How would she approach this? Ultimately she took place at a table and just observed. "Figuring out who already has a partner and the personalities of those who dont should be the best thing to do right now" she figured mumbling to herself.
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