New Year 1969 (Bioshock Roleplay)

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  1. Susan watched as a little girl was carried out of a vent by a monstrous creature in a diving suit, the obvious look of disgust on her face mentions that she is indeed uncomfortable by the idea of these so called "little sisters."
    To her, it was amazing how such a huge creature was ignored by all these people; as the child looked at her protector with her big yellow eyes, and that filthy red dress she had to wonder how could scientist's look a child in the eye and do this to them.

    "Amazing aren't they? Big daddies are so capable of such power...and yet such empathy..."
    The young woman looked up to see Daniel, her boss...she was a reporter, it was the only job she was qualified for but secretly she wanted to be an investigator, c'mon though, it's 1969 and as a woman she was even lucky to have this job.
    "I don't know sir, those things seem sad, as if they are forced to in my opinion..." Susan said in a gentle tone before taking a drag of her cigarette. The two were next to Sander Cohen's artist's retreat building, private invitation's only...they were just there to meet but Susan always hated Sander, he was a nutcase and his obsession for "art by death" would surely be his end.
    "Nonsense, only women talk" the man chuckled before handing her an envelope, "here's your pay for the day...go get some sleep, I will be expecting you at 7am sharp my dear!"
    The man turned to walk away but Susan stopped him, "Daniel...I've been hearing rumors around lately...what happened to Charlie?"
    Daniel turned to her, looking shocked and somewhat...guilty. "He just-he just quit...don't know why, just out of the blue!"
    "That doesn't add up though, he told me yesterday that he needed to work late tomorrow...while he was at the water cooler with me...why would he just suddenly leave?"
    Daniel looked around, "Susan...your job isn't to nosy into other people's lives it's to follow orders!" he said before leaving.

    The truth was that Charles spoke out against Andrew Ryan...and when anyone does that then they suddenly dissapear. They are put to Persephone or and experimented on with different plasmids, either that or they become a big daddy, loosing all free will and serving only Andrew Ryan.
    Right next to Cohen's art building was a restaurant with a bar, she pondered on weather or not to take a drink.

    Down below, a couple of buildings down was Frank Fontaine's house, next to it was the apartment for the poor, after Andrew Ryan nationalized Fontaine's business, he spoke out against Ryan and he was sent away. Eviction notices were put up all over his building as Ryan claimed everything he owns. Nobody is allowed over in that area, mostly because it became dangerous. Fontaine rally'd up a group of people from the poor apartment that he funded and made a group full of men who want to get back at Ryan...he even sent others to advertise his promise of equal rights to the poor working for the wealthy up where Ryan's people are, making them secret followers and spies.

    However; young, naive and beautiful Susan didn't know any of that, but she knew that close friends were keeping secrets and she had to find out what it is, she started walking towards her apartment.

    (Susan Hathaway)

    1. You cannot be Atlas, Ryan, Tennenbam or any of the original Bioshock characters
    2. You cannot be a little sister but you can be a big daddy
    3. You can make up to 3 characters
    4. Please do your best not to do one liners
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