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  1. Here's the New World RP.
  2. CS
    Name: Neon
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Type of Animal: Cat
    Bio (Has to be at least 2 paragraphs): Over The Entire Course Of His life, he has been studying music and creating music. Because of this, he has made only $10.
    However, he has the strange ability of seeing the future. But lately, he's been having strange visions of two things. A ruby with a symbol carved in it. And a giant girl. Now this may seem weird. Even to him. But like all things, they have a purpose in life. And things just got worse in all the info in one word.... Gypsy.
    Personality: Out-Going, Likes To Please, Energetic.
    Theme Song: Save Yourself ft. Sidekicks by Alarmin
  3. Name:
    Dawn-Stara Thomas
    Type of Animal:
    Bio (Has to be at least 2 paragraphs):
    Dawn was raised training to be a fighter. Her father was a serious man who wanted nothing but to know that his daughter was safe. Dawn specialised in throwing knives.

    As Dawn aged, she discovered that she really loved the buzz she got from battle. When her father passed away in her twelfth year, she continued to teach herself how to fight, and is now an incredibly accomplished warrior.
    Dawn is stubborn, serious and committed, due to years of relentless training.
    Theme Song:
    'The Fighter' by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder.
    (Just imagine her wearing casual clothes)
  4. "Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live."
    Marcus Aurelius

    Chapter 1

    Noises in the haze. The only thing He Could Make Out. Nothing would be clear. Everything was blurred and fuzzy sounding. And a tune. A Very Similar Tune. Kept Playing In His Head. At Least That Was Clear.

    Chapter 2

    Everything started to take shape. Everything was. In a matter of minutes, he could finally see where he was. And was shocked by it. The whole place was huge. The sky seemed to be a celling that was painted a light purple. The walls we're painted a darker purple with posters of famous and infamous warriors hung on them in a perfectly neat fashion.
    He looked at what he was laying on. It was a bed with a checkerboard pattern on it with warm neutraul colors on it.
    "Wha-What The F***?!" He whispered to himself untill he heard footsteps approch with the voice of somebody saying "'re finally awake...."
  5. DAWN
    "So ... you're finally awake," said Dawn impatiently. She watched as the minuscule half-cat boy woke up, staring around her bedroom. "About effing time. I thought you were dead."

    Dawn's fox tail was swishing behind her and her pointed ears pricked up. Her warrior side was telling her to be careful, but her logical side was speaking up, too. Why be scared, Dawn, he's an inch tall!

    Still, Dawn liked to take precautions. She was dressed in her full battle attire: all black, protective, impenetrable leather, with straps and holsters for her weapons. Chewing some gum, she selected a small-but-deadly daggar from a strap on her arm and held it by the handle between her middle and ring finger, ready.

    "Who are you?" she said. "Why did I find you on my damn doorstep?"
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