New World

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  1. It's a New World out there​

    The colony planet X5-4762 was abandoned by the H.E.A.S. Program, but only after the natives had wrecked havoc apoun the human settlers. It wasn't that failed a colonization considering the rest of humanity has been scattered and wiped out. Now, humans and natives are battling to survive against each other, but other groups is invading on the developing planet for it's resources, it's natives, and it's collectable breed of rare humans.

    Basic rules, play whenever, etc. Have fun.

  2. Genis watched the planes crashed over-head. The 13-year-old human found the wars fascinating. Natives fighting against Humans and both of them fighting against everyone else. He didn't understand it. Well, he understood that they all hated each other. Why they hated each other was a different matter all together. His tree-perch was high and safe in the Calastian Forest. It was his home. This planet, Haiaura to the Natives and X5- 4762 to the everyone else, was his home. Born and raised on this delightfully fought-over rock. Another explosions high above him make him smile brightly as shrapnel rained down on the forest.
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    Jae ran for the cover of an overturned sign on the edge of a huge forest. All this exploding and shrapnel was starting to get on her nerves. She sat there, regaining her breath having run 3 miles. She pulled out a small canteen, taking a drink of the cool water. As she put the canteen back, she swept her bright green eyes across the edge of the forest. She tucked a stray strand of her jet black, chin-length hair back behind her ear before she made for the forest. She had just made it under the first tree when more shrapnel came raining down, almost catching her. She sighed, sitting at the base of the tree. Her black shirt kept her warm, along with her black jeans and black boots. Her parents were still in the building she escaped. They had handed her a pistol and told her run. She hid her face in her hands, taking a deep breath.

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    Genis was watching the falling sky-scraps when movement below him caught his attention. A girl was crashing through the forest and stopped at the foot of his tree. He snuck down slowly, watching her. Her dark hair was a contrast to his dirty-blonde, while her green eyes were much different from his dark blue. With a grin Genis swung upside down from a branch in front of her face, currently buried in her hands.
    "Hiya, Lady! What's wrong?"
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    Jae froze, taking a glance up and letting out a relieved breath when she saw it was a human. "Hi..umm, I'm just a little worried, that's all." She gave him a small smile, quite obviously relaxed with another human with her and no natives trying to kill them.
  6. Genis laughed at her, his tanned and freckled face bright with youth. "You're one of dem colony humans, right? Not like us forest folk, ya'll are worrying an' stuff all the time bought da natives...." A particulate loud explosion happens overhead and Genis whistles as the wrecks slowly crashes down. "That'll be a prize to scavenge for sure"
  7. Jae nodded. "I guess so.." She winced at the explosions. I hate those.. She thought to herself. "It's actually my parents..they told me to go...but..they're still there." She looked at the ground, thinking back to when she first met one of the natives. She thought they looked pretty, but she could sense her parent's anger towards them immediately.
  8. Genis dropped down and stood on his toes to pat her on the shoulder. "It's fine out here, the jet's never land on us forest folk," he assures her. "It's the tree lady's blessin'. Da natives don't mess with us either, just trade."
  9. Jae looked up at him. He seemed pretty sure of himself. "O-okay." She stood up, looking back to where she came and looked deeper into the forest. "Do a lot of people live here?"
  10. Scratching at his head, Genis shrugs. "Depends on your meaning of a lot, missy."
  11. "Well, let's see.." She began doing math in her head, then shook her head. Simple. She told herself. "More than 50 people." She said.
  12. a worm 30 cm long leaves a crashed ship on the surface of the planet. on your side can be read wayland, the creature begins to eat vegetable matter. when touches the ground.
  13. Jae froze, watching the new creature. She took three steps back, fumbling with a knife on her belt. She pulled it out. "Wh-what is that..?" All of the calm she'd had only a moment ago disappeared. "Where is it from??"
  14. the creature is eating wood and boil without worrying about anything
  15. Genis smirked at her reaxtion. "What kind of city folk never seen a ship worm before?" He went over and poked it with a stick. "This planet gotta be tough, to deal with all them space species and diseases and stuff....
  16. "A-a-a ship worm?" She watched him carefully. "S-so it won't hurt us?" her eyes scanned the creature carefully, a little calmer than she was, but not much. How was I supposed to know the thing couldn't hurt me? I've never been outside before, let alone on a ship. "Why are you poking it with a stick?" She put her knife up slowly, her voice edged with defensiveness.
  17. the creature growls when touched with the stick and bites, clutching the stick
  18. Jae stepped forward, pulling on the boy's arm. "Don't poke it anymore..don't make it mad, let it have the stick." She watched the worm carefully, still pulling on the boy's arm.
  19. Genis laughs but lets go of the stick. "Whatever, lady." He steps back and looks towards the darkening sky, let up by to ocassional falling fire. He leans down and pats the worm on the head before grabbing the ladies land. "I'm Genis, do you wanna come home with me?" He grins at her with childish innocence.
  20. Jae nodded. "Umm...sure. I'm Jae, by the way." She showed a small smile, her eyes flashing back to the worm. "Will..will it be okay here?"