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  1. I remember the old days.. Before the government fell, overpopulation got out of control, and food/water wasn't a scarcity. Back before war was happening 24/7 and going to school was about mathematics and science, but now all of that's changed...

    It all started when the United States government lost control of its power, and China's economy fell. The white house was taken down about a year ago, when the United State's formed a rebellion and shot it down. There were many people that died in the civil war, most of them weren't even involved they were just trying to survive among the rebel of the war. Though when other countries found out about the United State's problems they started new wars, terrorist attacks, and evading the Untied States trying to claim the fallen country as theirs.

    China on the other hand, once a powerful country, had fallen into the low level country it used to be because of the United States no longer buying their products. Making getting buy even harder, so pulling the one card they never thought they would have to pull. Chinese government demanded U.S land in as a payment to the debt the U.S had created over the years. When they U.S people found out China's declaration, they grew even more mad and even with all the shit they had pilled on them, the U.S people tried fighting off the Chinese, in return starting another war the world didn't need.

    Now 15 years later the world is in chaos. There's hardly any food, the animals had died off from the effects of the warfare happening still constantly today, water is being poisoned as well, and everyone has started to learn from the early years of a child... getting close to someone, is death. How this happened to be is because children's parents were killed off or died of sickness, being we no longer have doctors, and anyone else you got close to had a high chance of using you, hurting you, or dying on you. So keep that in mind.

    In this world, there is no goals, no hopes, no dreams, just survival and fighting. You choose to be a Rebel, normy, solder, or you can choose to be a no name. Either way you're stuck with a high chance of dying either from being murdered or sickness, so good luck, but keep in mind some people's biggest skills is lying, thieving, and manipulating others.

    choose wisely my people.

    rebellions (open)

    Rebel people are normally have the "street fighter" look, using bandanna's to mark which group they belong to and always have any weapon they can fit on them. They believe that they can change the world into a better place than what is was, and is now.
    Their biggest enemy is the solders, the people who still work for and stand for the government both U.S and Chinese. The three types are always in a constant battle with each other trying to gain a foothold over the other.
    Of course the last part is the rebel bases, they are scattered everywhere on the U.S, all have different leaders and rules so be careful to learn the rules or else you can be kicked out of the base.
    blue rebellion (open)

    the blue rebellions are based in the western part of the U.S, they're more down to earth and tend to have better cooking and water supplies, but they can be feisty type of people. The love to have a good time, but still fight with a purpose. You can find them in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and bits of Colorado and New Mexico.

    yellow rebellion (open)

    The yellow rebellions are base in the more central part of the U.S, they're the bigger part of the rebellion and they're more of a mix between down to earth, feisty with strict and to the point. They have a bit of low resources when it comes to food and drinking water, but they have better weapons then their friends to the west. The Yellows love to keep the peace in their base as much as they want this fucking war over with. You can find them in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, bits of Wisconsin, Illinois, Mississippi, and Alabama.

    Red rebellion (open)

    They're the smaller part of the rebellion but boy are they pack with weapons. They're stricter on their rules because their bases are constantly under attacked by solders, thanks to their part of the rebellion being so close to what used to be the white house. Sadly they have a harder time collecting food and water so they constantly need to ship in supplies from the west as a trading payment they ship out weapons to the west as well as the central part. You can find them in Wisconsin, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indianan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

    Though no one has an idea of whats happen to any Alaskan or Hawaiian states all of the actually connected states can get a hold of each other through CB, Whatever cellular device you can get a hold of, or letter.

    on a side note if you choose whatever type of rebellion, just because you're in that group doesn't mean you HAVE to type in that color, your character just have to wear a bandanna of the color at all times.

    Soldiers (open)

    Here you are a solder for either the Chinese or the U.S your uniform will tell everyone around you who you belong to. Solders typically have the best food, water, medic supplies, and weapons. Your goal is to kill off the rebellion and they other army all well fighting for your country. We communicate by head gear, communicators, and radios for the U.S solders congratulations you get to have toys to play with aka helicopters, tanks, and army trucks. Try to keep the Normies out of this and beware of the no names they can be dangerous or a good alley.

    So my personal knowledge with Military ranks aren't as well as they should be but everyone is in their own squad, each squad has a Squad Leader, Fire Team Leader, Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, and a Squad Designated Marksman. Though in this case because of the worlds conditions you also get a medic.

    Squad leader (open)

    The Squad Leader is in command of the squad and issues orders to the Fire Team Leaders. The Squad Leader is armed with either the M4 MWS or the M16A4, as well as an assortment of grenades. During the Battle Planning Phase before each round the Squad Leader has access to the Battle Planner and can lay down simple orders for his Fire Teams to execute. Although the Squad Leader is in command, he is a rifleman first and leads by example. The Squad Leader is designated with a Star Icon in the Role Selection Screen and is playable immediately upon creating a account.

    Fire team leader (open)

    A Fire Team Leader commands one of the 4-man Fire Teams in the squad (Fire Team Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta). He executes and disseminates the orders of the Squad Leader. A Fire Team Leader is armed with an M16A4 or an M4 MWS, as well as an assortment of grenades and is responsible for performing all the duties that are expected of the men in his fire team. The Fire Team Leader role is available immediately upon creating an account and is marked in the role selection screen with the Letter Designation of his Fire Team (A, B, C, D).

    Rifleman (open)

    The Rifleman is the backbone of the US Army Infantry. Riflemen are disciplined, courageous, have extremely high morale, and they absolutely do-not-quit. The most versatile element of a Fire Team, the rifleman is equipped with either an M16A4 or M4 MWS and variety of hand grenades. The duties of a Rifleman include, executing the orders of his Fire Team and Squad Leaders, maneuvering and providing cover fire with his element, and completing his mission at whatever cost. The Rifleman role is available immediately upon creating an account and is designated in the Role Selection screen with the Single Round Icon.

    Automatic Rifleman (open)

    The Automatic Rifleman provides a Fire Team with a belt-fed light machine gun. The M249's high rate of fire, and large ammunition capacity gives a Squad/Fire Team a weapon that maintains a consistent rate of fire to provide cover for an advancing unit. However, this weapon has its drawbacks, particularly weight. Due to this, the Automatic Rifleman is the slowest among the classes available. To unlock the Automatic Rifleman class you must achieve a "Basic" score on the M249 portion of Weapons Familiarization. Automatic Riflemen are designated with the 3-Round Icon on the Class Selection menu.

    Grenadier (open)

    The Grenadier is a key member of the U.S. Army Fire Team. Armed with an M16A4 and M320 grenade launcher, the Grenadier can deliver 40mm smoke and explosive rounds at point and area targets from medium to long distances. Although capable of providing support fire for the Squad/Fire Team, the Grenadier is a rifleman first and is expected to perform all the duties of a rifleman. In most missions each Fire Team is assigned one Grenadier. To play as the Grenadier you must pass the M320 portion of Weapons Familiarization with a "Basic" Score. The Grenadier class is marked with a grenade icon on the Role Selection screen.

    Squad Designated Marksman (open)

    The SDM or Squad Designated Marksman supports the squad by laying down accurate rapid fire at distances beyond the normal engagement range of the Squad's Rifleman. The average Rifleman is trained to engage targets up to 300 meters away. A sniper engages targets beyond 600m while the SDM is trained to engage targets in "No Man's Land," the area between the capabilities of the two. Although the SDM receives much of the same training, he is not a sniper. The SDM is a rifleman and deploys as a member of a Squad. He maneuvers and engages with his Squad and never operates alone. To qualify to become a Squad Designated Marksman, you must score at least 36 or higher during Basic Rifle Marksmanship training. You can identify the SDM in the Role Selection Screen by the crosshair icon.

    I would do one for medic but everyone knows its just the dude that runs around trying to bandage the broken people so theres no need for an info thingy. (also I have no idea what any of that is i just copies it from this> http://manual.americasarmy.com/index.php/U.S._Army_Infantry_Squad_Organization <

    No names (open)

    No names are kind of like the Divergents in the Divergent series. They don't really fit in to the rebellion because of whatever reasoning, and they sure as hell don't fight for any government. They are more of your lone wolves, and can look like your average normy or a rebellion fighter without the bandanna. No names have their own way of surviving, some are friend with rebel base, others steal, others are friend with squads. Often times they'll help out in normy villages, or play spy for squads and bases depending on the reward. There's no certain title, look, or anything to define you except for yourself.

    Normies (open)

    Normy people are the ones who are just trying to live in the hell the wars bought them. They have their own little villages (when its not being destroyed by war) and whatever else they need to survive. Often times these villages are protected by soldiers or bases, and in return the normies give out food and shelter. Their typcial look is just normal average people in jeans and a tee shirt working out in the village garden or making a living for themselves.
    normies got their name from a long time ago because some soldier for either a country or a rebellion got tired of saying civilian and the name was catchy so it stuck.

    Character Sheets:

    *For the rebels*
    appearance (by picture):
    Rebellion Skill (fighter, thieve, medic, ect.):
    Rebellion Color:
    Weapons of choice:
    extra details:

    *for the soldiers*
    Apperance (by picture):
    squad position:
    Country you stand for:
    extra details:

    *for no names*
    Appearance (by picture)
    weapon of choice:
    extra details:

    *for Normies*
    Appearance (by picture):
    village job:
    extra details:

    heres the OCC thread :) https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/new-world.121030/
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  2. Arkiona rolled her head on her shoulders as she step outside her tent in her base just in between Oregon's old capital, Salem, and the Washington boarder. Looking around she smiled at how the tree tops looked under the mornings sunrise as she readjusted her gun on her back before heading to the main tent where there was coffee to be made.

    As she poured herself a cup of black coffee she heard a familiar voice behind her call out to her, "Oi Air! hows it going?" Justin, her friend for years now, said as he walked up beside her pouring his own glass as well.

    Smiling she turned to him, "same as always Justin." she spoke with a tired laugh, "I got some planning to do today for an attack, then i have to go visit the village down the road, and then its off to the south to deliver some food supplies." she explained her day to him with a sigh at all the things she had to do.

    Justin gave a little laugh at his friend schedule, "want some help?" he asked her as he took a sip and shivered at the disgusting taste the black coffee left behind in his mouth. His overall meaning behind his question was mainly to help out with the delivery because of the soldiers making a gain toward the yellow's territory. Hopefully they wont run into any soldiers, but there was always still a chance it could happen.

    biting the corner of her lip Arkiona thought about the ups and downs of bringing Justin along all day, "we'll see." she said and turned to see the other members of her base awaken from their tents, "hey guys!" she called out to them with a smile.
  3. Haiti found himself waking up to the sound of a male voice calling out in greeting to someone else. Lifting his head from the pillow, he decided to get up and see what all the racket was. Lifting the curtain, he smiled when he saw two of the younger members talking away. As he approached them, he noticed that the girl, Arkiona, greeted him and the other member who had come out of his own tent.

    "You guys look busy," he said, as he offered them only a wave as a greeting, slowing down as he reached them. "Any of you have plans for later?"
  4. Arkiona smiled, "just have to visit the village down the road, help out the chief with some attack plans, then I start out on a delivery to the south." She explained to Haiti giving him a weary smile before taking a sip of her coffee.

    When akriona mentioned the delivery she grew a little ill. It would be her first time delivering, but on top of that she had to get there without being noticed by the soldiers that were moving into the yellows.... with that in thought arkiona sighed, "do you know anything bout the oncoming war? I guess red is fallin short and the soldiers are movin into yellows territory." She explained with a worrisome look.

    Justin gave Haiti a smiled and a wave when the man first arrived and as Air explained everything, Justin picked up on her worry, "hey air it'll be ok you're one of the top movement planners we got, a little delivery will be nothing but a breeze." He said trying to cheer her up when her face had fallen.

    He felt his heart flutter as she gave him a little smile before she asked about the on coming war. He wasn't big on keepin tabs on red and yellow, but it wasn't hard to understand that blue wasn't going to be safe for long with consrant screams for help echoing over the CB. It surprised him that the chief hadn't sent out rebels help fight yet.
  5. "The kid's right," Haiti said, offering a warm smile to cheer her up as he pulled a deck chair near one of the tents out so that it was facing them both. "Even I've got to admit, you've been doing pretty good out there so far."

    He then sat down on the chair, looking out past her towards the scenery before turning his gaze back to her. "I haven't got word on the movements of the other rebellions but I know they're not coping much better than we are either. If you need someone to tag along with you just in case, then my rifle is loaded. The more, the merrier, right?"
  6. Akriona was a bit taken aback by his offer but smiled, "sure I could use help, thanks." She said softly giving in to the fact rather she was a great planner or not, she couldn't make a delivery like that alone. Though now with three people going she was going to need to make a new plan for the journey.

    Soon enough other rebels were rising and the sun was fully up passed the rising point, "I need to go check on the village.." akriona mumbled to herself giving out a sigh.

    Justin smiled as air finally took in help, "yea.. dont forget the meeting at high sun." He spoke reminding his friend softly of her time clocking down.

    Akriona groaned, "yea, ok, lets go." She said to justin then looked to Haiti, "want to join us? We're just going to check up on everything and make sure theres no soldiers." She offered to him.
  7. "Yeah, sure," he said with a grin, looking over at Arkiona. She was rather young but that only made it more impressive that she was picking up leadership qualities. He stood up, a soft smile on his face, as he walked towards his tent to get his equipment. As he entered it, he saw one of the other rebels lying on the bed opposite his without any clothing. She was woken by the noise of him loading his rifle.

    "Where are you going?" she asked, sitting up and yawning.

    "To do a delivery with Arkiona and Justin," he answered, as he strapped his rifle to his back and holstered his handgun. "Make sure that no one steals our stuff, Kelly." Once he said this, he walked back out of the tent towards the two young rebels. "I'm ready when you are."
  8. Levi sits with his squad of 25 men by the side of the road. They are all armed to the teeth, being part of what came to be called as a joke the Red Army. "Alright guys. Listen up. Soldiers are moving in on Yellow territory. Blue is supposed to be making a supply run to them today to make up for lost supplies. This is part of the route they are taking. Our mission is to join the convoy to protect it. Those supplies must get to yellow territory. Clear?" They all yell yes sir. "Good. Then let's get a move on."
  9. Arkiona smiled all of her weapons and gear already strapped on her small frame, "too the village!" She cheered as she saw her new companion heading twords them.

    Justin picking up on Airs sudden enthusiasm smiled and waved at the other male, seeing his equipment justing nodded, "nice set up man." He complemented Haiti, something he rarely did outside of doing it to Air all the time.

    Akriona smiled, "lets go then!" She said to her group mates and started to lead them down to the village where are all the towns people would greet them happily, or thats what akriona hopped for.
  10. Kira checked her grenades for any damage before storing them in her pack. She sighed softly and continued to look through her scope at the empty road from her spot high up in the tree. No sign of those annoying rebels yet. Maybe that turncoat had lied about his tip. Stupid kid. Kira would wring his neck personally.
  11. Levi looks through his binoculars and sees the wagon coming down the road. Lightly armed. They must have HUGE faith in us. Pointing his arm towards the sky, he fires a green smoke into the sky. He watches as the rest of his squad fire as well, forming a horseshoe shape in front of where the wagon was driving.
  12. Seth was buzzing north quickly on his electric dirt bike, following a narrow game trail through the forest. He had a decent hunt today, managing to get clean kills on three squirrels and a rabbit, and he was going to need them. He hadn't seen anything much bigger in a while, but for some reason those damn rodents were resilient. Today was a little different than any other day. The battery on his bike was wearing out after years of recharging, and he had noticed his range was decreasing lately. Nothing too bad, but it needed to be taken care of sooner rather than later. Of course he wasn't going to find a replacement in the forest, so he was going to have to find a populated area. Something like a battery wasn't likely to be lying around somewhere, he was going to have to trade, and animal carcasses were as good a currency as anything.

    He was nervous though. He didn't trust people, for good reason. Armed with only a crossbow and a hunting knife he had looted from an abandoned sporting goods store years before, he knew he was taking a calculated risk. There was a reason he didn't have a firearm, and that's because whoever got to the store his crossbow came from before him made off with the guns. More likely than not, anyone he came across would be better armed than him, and that made him a target. Not everyone is still civilized enough to trade. Getting robbed or even killed for his supplies was a very real and very frightening possibility.

    How far north was he anyway? Seth wondered that as he throttled up onto an old dirt road and continued due northwest. For all he knew he was halfway through Oregon by now. He had a compass, but no map. The compass wasn't much use anyway, given that he could get his bearings based on the motion of the sun, and the locations of the stars. Maybe he could trade it, he thought. He followed the dirt path until he reached a paved road. He didn't see many of those, choosing instead to stay as far away from major roads as possible most of the time. This time he turned slightly right and revved the motor as he hit the asphalt, reveling in the immediate boost of speed. God, did he love the instant torque he got from an electric motor. For a moment his fears were forgotten as he lost himself in the rush of adrenaline that comes from pushing a fast bike to its limits.

    Maybe he would come across other people soon, but for now, Seth leaned forward into the air rushing around him, and enjoyed his high on speed.
  13. image.jpg
    Neku was traveling alone through the barren wasteland. He was low on supplies and need food, he may be a elite soldier but he's still human. Neku training made him prepared for conditions like this; however he can only drag his survival on until his death or a solution. Neku had spotted a village about 4 miles ahead. Would the people there help his needs or will he have to use force if necessary. He powered through until he was less than a mile away from the village. His body was giving up on him, he needed help. Neku finally stopped in front on the entrance, not because he wanted to let them know he was here, because he had passed out of exhaustion. "P-p-please... H-help." Neku used the last of his energy to cry for help hoping for someone before he fainted.
  14. Akriona who was just entering the village with the boys had heard a cry for help and took off running. Thanks to her light frame and excessive workouts, she had a tendency to be faster and have more endurance then most people in the blue territory. Though as she reached the entrances all that was revealed to her was a crowd of villiagers, "hey guys make room!" She cried out to the crowd, budding her way to the center where a few villiagers held a fanted stranger in their arms. Though Arkiona was typically used to guys being around her all the time seeing the stranger cause weird feelings to arise. Quickly dismissing her emotions she walked up to him and pressed the back of her hand against his forehead, "he doesnt have a fever." She noted than stood back up to see justin and their new companion panting.

    "What happen?!" Justin asked air as she had a strange look on her face then he saw the fainted stranger.

    Arkiona shrugged at justin, "I dont know, but help me take him to my tent so I can check him out and see if he needs any medical attention." She ordered justin well dismissing the village people and hooking her arm under the strangers arm.

    Justin rolled his eyes and copied Air with the whole under the arm thing and together they pulled the stranger to his best friends tent. Without meaning to justin started to grow jealous the this random dude was getting more attention from Arkiona then he was, even if the stranger needed medical attention.

    "Hey Haiti can you stay behind and check up on everything well I get him taken care of?" She asked Haiti before justin and she had dragged off the unknown male. Once he was in her tent, Arkiona waved off justin well she started the medical procedure, started his his hear rate. Pressing her fingers softly to the males wrist she heard a groan surface from the males lips, "h-hello?" She said startled slightly from the sudden nose.
  15. Hearing a cry for help, Levi yells into his MMBITR, "Move in! Move in!" His squad moved from the underbrush like wraiths, their weapons pointed towards the town square. They watch as a woman from blue carries an unconscious man into a tent. "What happened here?" He asks the first woman to run by, also blue.

  16. "Ummm." Vincent gaining back some conscience. He was still to weak to get up and move around. Had he died? Was he captured? So many thoughts were trying to process but Vincent simply couldn't comprehend his situation at hand.
    His eyes scanned the area he was in, it looked like a tent but couldn't really tell how large it was. His eyes still gazing around the tent he saw someone next to him. Vincent was surprised to see another person in so long, and they're not trying to kill him is another thing that confused him.
    "H-h-hey, were am I?" Vincent hoping for a straight forward answer. He hated people who don't get to the point or don't answer his questions given to them. His revolver was inside his red coat, using it if absolutely necessary.
  17. Arkiona looked up to see Levi looking in her tent, "The man fainted, im going to continue a check up on him to see whats wrong all together, though Justin should be right outside see if he found out anything." the women spoke well continuing the check up on the fainted man.

    Justin hearing his name perked up from outside, "what about me?" he asked, checking out Levi to make sure he was an ally other than an enemy.

    When the man woke up Akriona jumped, "hey hun are you ok?" She asked well leaning over to check his eyes too see with if they were dialed, "my name is Akriona im one of the head people for this blue territory. You came to the village we protect and passed out, so I took you to my tent to make sure you were doing well." She explained to the waken stranger.
  18. Turning to the man beside him, Levi fists his hand over his hapeart in an ancient Celtic salute. "Colonel Levi Merrick of the 'Red Army'. My squad and I were sent to protect the convoy heading to yellow territory. But it looks like something was happening here. What happened?"
  19. Solus stood perfectly still, looking at the little blue village. Sure it was larger than the last settlement he had come across but he wondered if it would be able to... sustain his needs. Anarchy had befallen the neutral village when one of the men he had entrusted gaurd duty to had allowed one of the citizens he had punished to escape and the town had been divided into those who believed it was only a mistake and those who saw how cruel and heartless he truly was. He left without wasting time and ammunition, but at the town border his hatchet tasted blood. Now it was onto this town. A gust of wind stirred his hair momentarily and he set off down towards the unsuspecting populace.
  20. Jake Tybalt

    He looked upon a small village through the scope his M-16. He lifted his goggles up onto his forehead. He stared upon the small town for a good minute or two. Once ready he lowered his goggles and raised his mask. Once through with that he walked down the hill he was on and toward the town.

    "Ugh it's one of the god damn colored cities" he sighed to himself. "I just hope they don't think I'm a red because of my pants or hair"

    He started to enter the town when he heard a bullet fire. There was smoke one the ground in front of him.

    "What are you doing here Red?!"

    "Het pal look I'm no--"

    "shut-up we don't wanna here it"

    "Um okay rude can I talk to your leader"

    "what so you can kill him"

    "No........" he replied blankly.

    ((( @LeviAckerman97 and @Kuroda I'm in the same town as you)))
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