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A world full of mystery, magic, peace, and sanctuary.

Long ago, or perhaps in the future in another galaxy far away was a planet named Frara. This planet was peaceful with seven lands that lived in harmony together. One day this changed and the lands broke into fighting. What has caused it? Will you help be a hero of the lands and be crowned as high ruler to keep peace? Or will you be a god and do as you please with an army you have manipulated?

Esteraton: a land home of Wyvern and Wyvern trainers. This land is known for the training of any giant mystical beast but preys most on the Wyvern. The people here are noble and strong people with dark skin and hair. They work hard and never give a challenge up, even if it means death. They worship the god of battle, war and victory, Dreasum. These lands are green but mostly have high castles and battle grounds.

Fallmage: Home of Fay and the mages that keep the Fay in check. These people are of pale skin and very light hair colors. They protect themselves even with the truce of the lands. Some are to be trusted and others are to be cautious of. They worship the goddess of land and beauty Shangri. This land is filled with dense forests and is known for its vast spots of greenery.

Norvale: home of Gargoyles and the keepers. The people here are monks, keeping peace with their creatures as they care for each other and having many skins. Thwy are kind and welcoming as long as no one distrbs their land, in wjich you will be cast out or left for the rogue. Hardly new welcomers in this mud and dirt land. They build only with dirt and worship the god of all creatures Zanfrey.

Blaysil: Home of the Phoenix whom their friends are tan and red skin. The people feed their creature and worship the god of fire Finri. These people can be trusted but get on their bad side and hell shall break loose. The land is made of the left lava of the many volcano's around it. Some life is there enough to sustain food source.

Atrye: home of Fenrir and their masters. Their masters are of the darkest skin of many colors, they ware only hide from the animals and rogue fenfrir they come across. Mostly of savages unless they sense no harm, in which they in most cases cannot be trusted. The land is of small forests and little civilization and most of their homes are in trees or under ground. They worship the animal god as well, Zanfrey, though there beliefs are much different than the Norvale's.

Vostria: home of the hybrids. Both person and animal thy take on a form passed down from their ancestors with having them have any color of skin or any animal of the breeding, even a mixture. These hybrids can be trusted if found the right breed.
The land is of green pastures and wetlands. Their god is all.

Please message me for more details, if you are interested please give me a plot or just message. Thank you.