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Enrolled Students with their Room Assignment

Traditional Student
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Room 1: Alianne (Aly) Lockwood
Room 2:
Room 3: Tachibana Kazu
Room 4:
Room 5: Matt Brett
Room 6: Damian (DJ) Jordan
Room 7: Mystique Rose deforest
Room 8:
Room 9: Kairi Ozaki
Room 10:
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HeadMistress: Lady Violetta Rose deForest
Draconic Teacher: Faye Norwood
Butler/Head Housekeeper: Raven Blackthorn

Class Schedule
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Orientation Lecture
Room Assignment
Jobs and Careers
Independent Study Introduction
Settle into your Rooms
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Tomorrow’s Schedule
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First Official Day of Classes
Level One Classes
Time Level 1
Sunrise Meditation 1
Free Time
Period 1 Elementals- All Students
Period 2 Plantology & Potions 1- Traditional Students; Optional to Dragonology or Free Time
Period 3 Free Time- Traditional Students; Introduction to Dragonology
Period 4 Mind Control- All Students
Period 5 Creatureology- All Students
Period 6 Physical Training- All Students
Period 7 Independent Study
Period 8 Open
Free Time

Merit/Demerit List
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PLTs Information

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Lady Violetta was finished with all of her paperwork and was ready for a meeting with her staff before the students arrive. She sat there wondering just how many students would show up. With a sigh, Lady Violetta took out her list of things to do and her Staff List.
With a wave of her hand a cup of perfectly made coffee sat down on her desk. This was her favorite thing to do so far.
She sipped her coffee as she wondered what colors her staff took. Her colors were Brilliant Blue and Amethyst with a Silvery Sparkly Grey Trimmings. No other Staff Member could have her color combination.
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Faye had woken up feeling better than she had in the last few weeks. Coming to this new place would prove to be the best decision she had made, that is what she hoped. Faye was adjusting quite well for teleporting into a picture. The experience was like driving into the ocean from a cliff. Even though Faye did not know what would happen next, she just felt like everything would get better. Faye left her home, her clinic, and her good for nothing husband for a fresh start. Waking up in Caldwell Academy was different, but good. She was even excited to her new companion.

Faye had a million things in her head. As she walked up to the room where the staff meeting was being held. Faye smoothed out her black pencil skirt. She had chosen a lavender short sleeved button-down top and black ankle buckle boots. Faye braided her long blonde hair into her signature side braid. " smile, dear, no one is going to bite your head off" Faye said to herself as she first knocked then opened the door. "good morning" Faye smiled at the Headmistress. Faye seemed to be the first person to arrive. She took her seat, wondering how many other staff members there was.
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Lady Violetta smiled as Faye came into the room. She looked very good in her clothes but if she was to be a Drraconic Teacher and work with dragons, she would need something else to wear.

"Good morning, Faye. I trust that you slept well. You look very good today. I advise you to get some new clothes. You will be a teacher of dragon riders and I doubt that outfit that you have on will allow you to work with dragons very well. After the students arrive today, we shall go to the Village for a shopping trip.
I have a PLTs for you. In this PLTs is all the information that you will need to teach The Draconic Students. Also other little things such as Class Schedule and Maps. But first you must imprint your Aura on the PLTs." Lady Violetta carefully sat a box on the table. Then she put three other boxes on the table as well.
"Lets start with this box. In it is a cloak. Before you open the box, there is a picture of the cloak. Imagine the colors of the cloak inside. It may be anything that you would it to be.
This small box contains a special cell phone. It will automatically register all of the students in the Academy without bumping the phone heads. This last box will contain your equipment belt and lab coat.
All of these items are sentient to a certain point. They all will remember your Aura and will only respond to you. All of these will be explained in more the Orientation. You may begin to Imprint your new items."
Raven Blackthorn had thought working at this unusual school would be better than doing nothing, so she had signed on as a housekeeper. She now walked the corridors towards the room where the Staff Meeting was to be held that morning. She wore a simple black dress with pearl-white trim and accents. Her jewelry was no more than a white Moonstone on a black ribbon. Raven curtsied when she entered the room. "Good morning, Mi'Lady." She greeted Lady Violetta.
"Good morning, Raven. I hope that you slept well. Please sit down and I will get your PLTs and cell phone." Lady Violetta spoke as she placed the boxes on the table along with one more.
"I'll tell you what is in each box. This last box contains an apron which will protect your clothes and an Equipment Belt. The small one has a cell phone in it with all the numbers ready to use. The last box is your PLTs. It is the way I'll communicate with messages and you may use it for other functions as well. All of these things are Sentient. Which means that first you must imprint your Aura on the item by holding it until it beeps or place your hands on the hand prints of the PLTs. After the Imprintation take place, no one else can use it.
If you would like the full explanation, feel free to come to the Orientation. You can find the material in the PLTs as well."
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Faye looked down at her outfit and mentally kicked herself. She knew she would not have dressed like this during her volunteer events, since they involved her working with active larger animals. "Lose the skirt, invest in active wear, got it" Faye had packed fairly light. She focused on her more personal items that couldn't be replaced. Too many of her things reminded her of her marriage. The dresses her husband bought her, the heeled shoes he enjoyed her wearing. Faye snapped herself out of her own self pity. "Enough already" Faye said in her head. The sound of Lady Violette explaining her new devices brought her back from her own thoughts. Before she could answer the door opened. It was another female who walked in.

The woman curtsied and greeted the headmistress. As lady Violette explained the assigned gadgets to the woman who was named Raven, it gave her an opportunity to think of her own response. "colors? mmmm" Faye thought to herself. The first thing that came to mind was the locket she had custom made for her late daughter. It was fitted with beautiful Amethysts, Emeralds, and Blue Topazes gemstones on the front. Faye's daughters' picture was still inside. In that moment she had pictured the gemstone colors. Her assigned cloak had shimmered, resulting in her desired colors to be displayed in a gorgeous floral pattern. Magic was still a concept that baffled Faye. Faye grabbed her cloak, which seemed to be stark black underneath. Lady Violette finished speaking to Raven, allowing Faye the time to give the woman her own greetings. Afterwards Faye took her assigned cellphone and allowed her PLT to scan her hand. Faye had no clue what the device was, so she made a mental note to not be late for orientation. "Of course, i will be there Lady Violette. I am very excited about teaching the Draconic students. Animals have always been my passion." The thought of working with so many new specie of animals put the brightest smile on her face, revealing her small dimples.
Lady Violetta smiled for she had two good staff members. Both seem to be eager and bright as well as willing to do their assigned positions.

"This Staff Orientation will be brief for most of the information will be covered in the Student Orientation. Once the students begin to 'fall in', they may be confused, angry, surprised, scared, disbelieving and any other emotion. We will need to reassure them that they will be fine, all will be explained in the Orientation. Greet them calmly, warmly but firm. Show concern by making sure that they are not hurt- which they won't be from the 'fall' but if they have an injury prior to falling, they will still have the injury. If they are hurt, call for me and I will heal them. In the next day or two, you powers will be firmly in place and you won't need me to heal anyone. A lot of the magic is 'see and do' for the two of because it is instilled inside of you as you fell.
Have them stand on the other side of the 'fall' where no one else can land on them. Have them talk among themselves.

If you are finished with your 'Imprinting' of your equipment, you may put it on. Are there any questions before the students land- which by the way should be any time now." Lady Violetta asked as she took her cloak off the hook. It was a reversible type of a cloak. One side was green while the other side was blue. There was a two inch trim that was silver. On the silver trim were various runes.
Raven took the apron and put it on. It fit perfectly. Then she put the belt on. When she got to her room later she would look through it more thoroughly. She did as instructed with the PLTs, not really knowing what it was. "I will most certainly attended the Orientation, Lady Violetta." She said. She remained quiet as the Headmistress told them what to do when thr students arrived.
Far away was a very unhappy girl. It was her sixteenth birthday and there was no cake, no ice cream, no present but there were plenty of chores as usual. She also knew that she would soon be getting some kind of a job to prepare her for life on her own.
A maid came up her as she washing dishes after dinner....

"You are wanted in the room. Mother Hannah wishes to speak to you." the maid spoke.
"Thank you. I'll be back later." she spoke.
"I doubt that." the maid snickered for she did not like her at all.
The girl shrugged her shoulders as she put her apron on its hook. She quietly walked to Mother Hannah's office. She knocked on the door and waited.
“Come in Miss Mystique.” Mother Hannah spoke.
She opened the door and hung head respectfully. When she reached Mother Hannah, she knelt and waited. Once she was acknowledged by Mother Hannah’s hand was extended to her, Mystique placed her forehead on Mother Hannah’s hand for several seconds before kissing the hand.
“Rise my child soon to be a young lady in a special Academy. Happy birthday to you. I have watched you grow from the day you were brought here. You had been just born, all bloody and with your cord still on. You were so tiny and frail, so pink and smooth skin after I washed you. You are like my very own daughter that I never had. Your mother left this satchel with a few things in it.” Mother Hannah’s hand waved gracefully towards the satchel on her desk.
“Now you are a young lady about to go on a grand adventure of your very own.”
“Please pardon my questions, Mother Hannah. Why did you call me by Miss and what do you mean that I am going to an Academy and an adventure?” Mystique spoke softly with fear in her heart for she did not realize that she would be leaving so soon.
“Because it is time for you to visit the attic. Here is the key. Please place the key on the table while you choose whatever you want. It does not matter how much you want to have for it is your birthday. Now please with my love, my child. I have much to do.” Mother Hannah placed the key next to the satchel and turned away to hide her eyes. She knew that this day would come but she dreaded this day where she lost her favorite child.
Mystique silently took the satchel and key and left. She walked to the stairs and headed up to the attic. She opened the attic door and walked inside. She placed the key on a table as she looked about. So many things to choose from…..
She walked over to the girl’s side where she looked at the various dolls that were stored there. Her doll was broken by another girl soon after she got it. She cried many days and never spoke to the girl again. The girl was favored over her and was adopted.
Suddenly Mystique saw the doll she wanted! It looked exactly like the one she had that was broken. And here is the trunk of clothes as well as the tiny tea set. Carefully, Mystique placed the precious items in her satchel then walked further in, occasionally picking out a few trinkets like jewelry which caught her eyes.
Soon she felt a pull towards another area. It was an area that she would not normally be thinking about. It had various kinds of furniture, lamps and pictures…… The pictures drew her attention. She felt… well compelled to look through them. She slid the satchel on her arm so that she would have room to look at them by tipping one after another over.
Clear to the back of the stack was one that was quite interesting. It had a picture of a castle floating in a cloud but what really caught her attention was the fact that there was a series of blue lights running around the inside part of the frame. That was peculiar sight made Mystique so much more curious than before. A tiny plaque at the bottom of the painting was dusty so she reached out to dust the plaque off so that she could read it.
She gripped her satchel tightly as she leaned over to wipe off the dust of the picture, when she fell…. And fell….. And fell. She was upside down or was it upside right? Nothing looked like it should have been for there was a tea party with a rabbit a dormouse and some other creature with a top hat. They were singing something about a merry unbirthday, another rabbit ran past her upside down exclaiming about being late while looking at a pocket watch. The there was a scene where a Queen was sitting on a pink flamingo feet and it was standing on its head……
Suddenly Mystique fell on the spongiest grass she ever felt. She actually bounced a full seven times before stopping. Once she stopped she looked about to see a castle or rather the castle from the picture. She could only stare at it in astonishment.
“I must have fallen asleep in the attic…..” she whispered to herself as she sat there staring.
Faye followed the headmistress outside. She couldn't wait to meet and the greet the new students. Faye loved kids, but these students were not adorable 5 year olds, they were full blown teenagers. It's not like Faye never encountered teens before, just never had to deal with them in a school setting. If the students were anything like herself when she was that age, Faye could handle them. However Faye knew that high schoolers could be crule and lazy. If that's the case Faye would have to whip them into shape. The first student will some soon. Faye remembered when she had fell in. It was after Faye found the strange flier in her animal clinic. After she read it she rushed home to pack. At the time she knew it was crazy to think that a little flier could solve her troubles, but somehow she knew it would. In reality Faye was planning on leaving weeks before. Faye decided if she felt differently after touching the flier she would leave her husband. Instead she was falling. Falling, but it felt like flying. There was dragons soaring in the distance, the fluffy clouds scattered in the sky. The sight was amazing, and she was met with lush grass. Though Faye still felt the ground. Amidst her thoughts the first student fell in. The girl looked so confused. " hello there! Welcome to Caldwell Academy. Did you fall in okay? My name is Faye Norwood" Faye didn't want to put too much information on her at one time.

Kairi knew her dad was manipulative, but she could not believe that he would go behind her back. Kairi hugged her friend Aiko. "Are you sure my dad asked your father about this?" Aiko nodded and held onto her hand. All of Kairi's closest friend know about her estranged parents. Kairi's father was a powerful political, and a huge donor to everything Kairi was involved in. Kairi never doubted his love, but after her mother death she felt like her father just throws money at her. "My dad needed to know what major you wanted to do, but your father has not been returning his calls. Your major determines who will interview you, sohe asked me to talk to you. What happened? If he didn't tell you, do you think he is shipping you off?" Kairi couldn't see him doing it. If he wanted to do that, then he would have done it when she first moved in. " Maybe he wanted me to study music overseas, and this is a surprise for me. Nevertheless I don't want to go. I want to stay here." The Bell for the end of lunch rung.

The rest of the day was tense. Her father was never nasty to her, but he might do something to Aiko's father. Kairi wanted to confront her dad, dut didn't want anyone to get in trouble. Kairi had thought of a great plan. She planned on asking her stepmother to come with her and reason with her father, since she knew that he father loved her stepmother very much. At home Kairi found her mother in the kitchen leafing through a magazine. "Hi sekai, I need your help with something." " what is it" Sekai said while sighing. Kairi could sense that Sekai was acting cold. In fact Kairi noticed how snippy she has been these last couple of months. Kairi decided she would burden her on the details. "Dad is not thinking straight. Can you come help me convincehim on something." Kairi satherbackpack on the couch. " Come on kairi what have a said about that? How hard is it to put that junk in the closet, or better your room would be nice. If I help you, will you at least stop being such a slob." Sekai face was twisted with disgust. " Wow Sekai I'm sorry, but you did not have to be so rude." Kairi walked over to the coat closet and stored her bag there. " let's get this over with." Kairi followed her stepmother to her father's study. Sekai softly knocked and called out to him. " honey are you busy? I need to speak with you." "Of course not sweetie, come in" Sekai opened the door, and Kairi followed in. " Makoto, Kairi wants to discuss something with us. Kairi took a deep breath and came right out with it. " Dad I know you are trying to get me into a school in the US. I love you and I love that you want what's best for me. However I really want to stay here with you and Sekai. I will be graduating in a couple of years what's the point? "

As Kairi made her case, her father became shocked. " I...I... How did you find out?" He turned to Sekai looking lost. " I asked of you one thing. I endure your hostility towards Kairi because you ensured me that you won't start vocally adusing her until she is gone. Do you hate her that much?" Kairi couldn't believe what she was hearing. Kairi looked towards Sekaifor answers. Sekai had that twisted expression again. " How dare you accuse me of such petty actions. You just want to put all the blame on me. I have your child, do you really need that one too? I will give you a son, an heir." Sekai pleaded with her husband. They talked like Kairi was not even in the room. "I love Kairi just as much as you and our baby. The only reason I agreed to this was because it was the only way to make you happy. Can't you just forget about the past?" Makoto stood up and walked over to Sekai, reaching for her hands. Sekai slapped them from her. "So you can forget that woman? That heafer haunts me from that little witch"Seaki pointed to Kairi. "If you hadn't messed up, this leech would be on the street along with her money grubbing mother! No you had to hire that idiot who killed that trash." Kairi's father puffed up. " Sekai I know that you were the one who killed her. He could just wait for me to convince her to divorce on my terms. I only hired the mango cleanup your mess." Kairi fell to the floor, grief stricken "this is really happening?" Kairi thought to herself. " My mess? I had to do it, she was trying to ruin us! You saw her divorce conditions. She wanted millions and shares.what would be left for me? It doesn't matter now that grandma is gone, and her spawn is bothering me. Get rid of her!" Kairi was already heading out the door.

Kari ran to her room, balling. "How could you! All because of money? Does that mean more to you than my mother's life?" She slambed her door and locked it. She gathered all of her luggage and started to pack. No one came to calm her. Kairi figured her father told the maids to stay away, fearing that she would expose them. Kairi was half way through her first closet when she came across a sealed was the remains of her old life. In that moment kairi yearned for her mother. She was Kairi's oldest and closest friend. Before Kairi would not dare open it, but now she needed some type of comfort. Kairi went through the box, pocketing her old locket and her mother's ring. It was a family heirloom, and was kept in a custom made locket that had a picture of them in it. Kairi found a strange flier behind her burned family photo. It depicted a stone castle and oddly, Kairi herself playing a piano in front of the school. On the bottom it read "touch here to enter". As soon as she did Kairi was dunked into a wondrous world. It looked like she was underwater. There was huge seawead, beautiful coral reefs, and a huge shadow of some kind of creature. It was too far away to see it. Before Kairi could take it all in, she landed on grass. " Oh wow, what is happening! " Kairi continued to roll on the grass, eventually rolling into someone else that was on the ground.
Lady Violetta walked towards the two girls with a smile on her face.
"Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents and Draconic Arts!. I am Lady Violetta and I am your Headmistress while you are. Please let me know if you are hurt and come over to the other side where you won't be hit by other falling students." she to both of them.

"Wait! What did you say this place was?" Mystique stood up and brushed off her her worn dress then picked up her satchel.

"Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents and Draconic Arts, dear. You look fine so head over to the other side. All will be explained in a bit. Now scoot!" Lady Violetta made shooing motions towards the two girls.

"I must have really knocked my head hard....." Mystique mumbled as she walked over to the other side of the side walk.
Alianne Lockwood had stormed off down the hall to her room. She was furious with her mother for not allowing her to go out to a party with her friends that night. She threw open the door of her walk-in closet and stepped inside to look for a dress anyway. But she never got any further because she started to fall.
((Sorry I have been busy in RL. Does anyone want to go with this RP?))
Matthew was doing as he always did during the night, playing games on his computer, he had been playing for hours at this point and just felt the need too sleep checking his phone to see that it was late and he just fell onto the bed fully clothed. Matthew had a few dream about a few things, but ended up forgetting all them as he had the falling dream. Oh boy another one of these dreams, and as he prepared to wake up it hit him... Or at least the ground did, and a few times as that. The ground wasn't much hard as it was spongy he looked around and spotted the few girls in front of him, one of which seemed more of a headmaster figure and he just lay there face down looking up confused.
Lady Violetta turned around to see two more students had landed so she went through the welcoming speech once more.
"Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents and Draconic Arts!. I am Lady Violetta and I am your Headmistress while you are. Please let me know if you are hurt and come over to the other side where you won't be hit by other falling students." she spoke as she walked over to where they were.
Kairi looked at the headmistress wide eyed. Still not knowing what exactly she got up and walked over to her, just in time for a boy to appear where she was. "Caldwell Acedemy? Did my father drug me and sent me away? Why is all this happnening to me" Kairi suddenly found herself in tears. "What did i do wrong?" tearblind, Kairi almost stumbled into the other girl who was beside her."im sorry, im just trying to take this all in. What state am in? This is the USA right?"
Kairi wiped her eyes, and looked around. It was a beautiful scene with rolling fields. Kairi looked to the school, which looked like the picture she picked up in her room. "could this be...." Kairi thought to herself. In the pit of her stomach, she knew that something was wrong.

Faye chucked at the girls shocked expressions. She was wondering how the new students would take to their "entrance". As the second girl got up, another student dropped in. "we are not in Kansas anymore." Faye said in reference to an old movie. "I hope all of this is no too much of a shock, none of you are in any danger" Faye was now faced towards the third girl. Before she could get anything else out another student, a boy this time, fell in. "Hello and welcome young man". Faye was curious on who would be in her class. She couldn't wait to research her lesson materials. It was not like everyday you saw a dragon in her hometown.
Lady Violetta looked upwards into the sky then walked over to where the others were standing.
"I don't see anymore falling so let's get acquainted with each other. I'll start. My name is Violetta Rose deForest. I was a young people's librarian in New York City when I fell through a new art exhibit that I was putting up. I saw the picture of Caldwell's Academy and remember thinking how odd it was wrapped by extra layers of wrap then how odd of a title the picture had. I fell through the picture as I picked it up. That is how I came to this place. I guess that I was qualified because I specialized in Mythology and Fantasy reading.
Who would like to be next?"
Matt looked about the place a bit more and stood up to check if all his faculties where in shape, it had seemed as if he didn't wack off the ground, where in the world am I? He listened to the woman who said she was the Headmistress of an Academy that he didn't sign up for. As he listened another woman walked over to him, "Oh, Hello, I'm Matt, thanks for the welcome and you are?" He said reaching his hand out for her to shake. As he looked over her she seemed like a teacher of some sorts.
Lady Violetta turned to the newcomer with a smile.
"I'm sorry that I missed your falling in. I thought the skies were clear but I guess not.
Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of magical Talents and Draconic Arts. I am the headmaster here and my name is Lady Violetta. Please come join us. We have just started introductions. Woul you be the next one please?" She spoke as she held out her hand to the newest student.
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