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  1. I am looking for a home for a new world type of RP. I only would like those who will be dedicated players to apply. Even though you are over 17, you will be playing as a student who was just brought to the planet for some reason of your own (ages 15 to 17) or as an responsible adult (ages 25 to 35) who wishes to leave Earth for whatever reason.
    Each person will start out at the Academy and will journey forth into the new world. My ultimate goal is to create a world of magic and conflicting countries. The Academy part is to familiarize each person as they enter the world how the magic works and does not work.
    There will be opportunities to make your own country, create new magical creatures as well as new Magicks after graduation. Of course there will be set rules for this world and if someone wishes to change a ruling, it can be discussed but my final ruling will stand. Anyone can try (and most likely persuade me if you have a good reason) to change the ruling.
    I am often on during the day but there might be a day where I will need a Co- GM to help me.
    Ask questions and I shall answer them!
  2. Hello I would like to join your academy.
  3. That is wonderful! I'd like to have at least 4 committed players and I will post the info!
  4. im interested...Can you go into more detail about this planet we are gonna be on? And how you plan to to allow us to make our own nations...?
  5. This planet has a core of magic which all of the planet's energy comes from. Once you have complete the five levels of magic, you will be allowed to take an exit test. This test is designed so that you can handle anything in the world. You are on your own to develop powers (with the description of the magic sent to me before it is used and I'll ok it for use) Then you will have to figure out how to get off the island.
    There will be trees and such to make a boat or raft. You travel to a specific spot of your choice and create a new world. This works best if you have a few friends in your class.
    Is this information helpful? Do you have any questions?
  6. Here is the solar system diagram:

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  7. Yeah pretty much,

    Although i was kinda hoping it be some kind of modern/fantasy thing..

    This is fine though ;x
  8. It is in some ways. Like for instance, you can't use DC( direct current) or AC (Alternating Current) but you will be using MC (Magical current) for your specialized laptop and ipods and cell phones..... This is one way that the Creator of the World can 'dictate' what the students can see, hear and do
  9. I have more pictures of the equipment that you will receive if you want to look a them.
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