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  1. I am looking for a home for a new world type of RP. I only would like those who will be dedicated players to apply. Even though you are over 17, you will be playing as a student who was just brought to the planet for some reason of your own (ages 15 to 17) or as an responsible adult (ages 25 to 35) who wishes to leave Earth for whatever reason.
    Each person will start out at the Academy and will journey forth into the new world. My ultimate goal is to create a world of magic and conflicting countries. The Academy part is to familiarize each person as they enter the world how the magic works and does not work.
    There will be opportunities to make your own country, create new magical creatures as well as new Magicks after graduation. Of course there will be set rules for this world and if someone wishes to change a ruling, it can be discussed but my final ruling will stand. Anyone can try (and most likely persuade me if you have a good reason) to change the ruling.
    I am often on during the day but there might be a day where I will need a Co- GM to help me.
    Ask questions and I shall answer them!
  2. Lady Mystique walked into the room with a large box of brand new Grimoires only to notice that no one had visited the room yet.

    "Now how to entice a few people into this new world that is just started to be created? Should I change a few settings or lower my expectations? Should I share a bit more of what will be in this world?" she spoke softly for she was thinking out loud.

    She looked at her notes to see what else to share without giving away any secret plans.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.