New Websites Scare Me, Lets Be Friends

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  1. My God,
    I haven't Roleplayed in such a long time, I've been looking for a website just like this, now I'm hoping to hop back in & reboot this lost imagination.
    Might as well start out on the right foot,...
    Hello, and nice to meet everyone!​
  2. Hello to you, as well! :bsmile: I hope you're getting along on here all right!

    ~~~Welcome to the Epicosity of Iwaku!~~~

    *Thunder strikes as a mysterious female laughs maniacally in the background*

  3. So far, everything is going well! I still have to update my profile, read all the information, and get use to the place, but other than that, I think it is a really cool website. The last site I was on died, and everyone was suggesting this place, so I hope it doesn't disappoint.​
  4. You made a mistake, you weird dinosaur look'n mollusk. *takes off arm guards*

    . . .

    *and shakes your hand* You're late. Welcome to Iwaku.... and happy....

    *cue dramatic silence*

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  5. It was sort of confusing for me at first as well, but it's easily adaptable, I promise! ;)

    If you ever need someone to Role Play with, you can count on me, m'kay? See you later! :D
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  6. That...Yeah that was pretty awesome....
    *Starry Eyed*​
  7. *Cue chibi cuteness*

    Aww come on, Ser K+, you totally ruined it for my welcome!

    *Sits in corner with dark depression lines squiggling over my chibi head*

    Now they'll never think I'm as cool as you ):
  8. Woah everyone totally has awesome characterized personalities with pretty posts! I feel so bland!~
    Probably should get use to it & get spiffy:alienhominid:
  9. Ah! so Solly! ~v~ , it's kind of my job, being the unofficial king of welcomes and all...
    -head pat-

    Edit- And you'll grow one... probably.
  10. Hello and welcome to Iwaku! :)
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  11. You are too kind!:cutie:
  12. Well hello there, Pillow, welcome to the siiiite!
  13. Thank You SO much!(:
  14. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!