New vampire on the loss

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Would you drink blood if

  1. It was the only way you will live

  2. some one dared you to drink blood

  3. you wanted to get in a very cool club

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  1. Greeting and hello one and all , I just start just today and wanted to say hi to you all blood bags lol
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum, I hope to start role playing with you very soon!
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome
  4. Hey. Wait HEY im no blood bag im a vamp just like you ,~3~, lolz jk but i am a vampire. but welcome to the wonderful world of Rping hope to rp with you one day fellow vampire if you are a vampire >^> <^< =^=# ^.^ (\^^

    ok now go wild but just dont get in in big Sh*t with the big guys
  5. Blood is power to me and thank you for the welcome