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  1. Hey guys. First to get my user and title gets a fabulous no-prize! If anyone needs a player for a new dnd campaign, I'm your guy.

    *Captures and uses as a slave.*


    Anyway, hi. Hows it going?

    Oh and just so you know...

  3. It's going well. Are you in any campaigns that could use another member?
  4. Not really actually. I run one using a program called maptools and its kinda stuck since I stopped doing it regularly, even though I have ideas, and school picked up. Winter break will be a DM-ing fest though.

    I run 4e a lot, just so you know.

    Though, I could run a game on here if anyone is interested. Maybe Keep on the Shadowfell or one of the many many adventures I have saved.
  5. I dont do 4e, only 3.5. If you wanna run a 3.5 though, count me in.
  6. Hallo new guy that I am going to call a DnD dork all the time, but not really mean it! :D
  7. Really? What do you rp, might I ask?
  8. D&D is for the cool kids. Like us! Welcome to Iwaku. Here is a cookie. :cookie:
  9. Thankyou. Theres a 3.5 game getting started, check out my interest check on the forums.
  10. *throws d20s at Tom from the corner*
  11. A modern day warrior
    Mean, mean stride
    Today's Tom Sawyer
    Mean, mean pride

    Though his mind is not for rent
    Don't put him down as arrogant
    His reserve, a quiet defense
    Riding out the day's events
    The river

    Is it bad I automatically think of Rush when I see your name?
  12. What you say about his company
    Is what you say about society
    Catch the mist, catch the myth,
    Catch the mystery, catch the drift

    That's the idea. Do you get my title/rank thingy?