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  1. Okay before I start... I have a couple of reminders

    • I have the right to turn you down if i don't like your roleplaying style.
    • If I already rpes with you, please for the love of god let me reply to my other rp before we start a new one.
    • I won't be on everyday... So, I'd appriciate it if you'd remind me of an rp or something. Like if I hadn't replied, just keep bugging me about it, unless I Already told you that I don't wanna rp with you because I realized that you don't have a rping style that I like
    • And lastly, I would still do this rp with multiple people


    You ( yc) arent the most popular guy around. You live Alone and Your... Considered a loser, but screw other people. Your happy with h your life, with a couple of close friends and atleast one friend that's a girl. Well, actually you've been crushing on her for quite a while now, but you never wanted to admit it.

    You were also considered a Big Pervert. You didn't show it at school or anything, and nobody knew anything about that but you. You even have those naughty magazines under your bed that you hid. But one day, a "delivery" arrives at your door. This delivery is actually a human girl, well... She isn't human actually. She says that she's delivered to his house as a free 1 month trial for a new sex toy. She basically can do anything, from changing appearances to changing her gender.

    What will you do with her??

    Alright... So its basically a master x slave... And well, the sex parts is up to you and stuff like that, but I prefer to have at least one scene of three some? Idk. Plus I'd be playing the toy and the girl. So yeah. Any other questions? I'd prefer just to pm me but if your too lazy I'll just pm you the answer to your question. C:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.