New too Iwaku but olddy for rps!

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  1. Hello I'm Risque, I'm 22 going on 23. I have roleplayed for about 7 years, I joined because a friend wanted me too so hopefully I will like it here. I like many genres and do MxM or MxF I like doing female but happy to play male if the story is right. I love 3 sentence's or longer replies and no less then 4x a week, you can look at some of the stuff I do on RPA look for polionaga (can't seemed to change the name :'( ). So guess that's it, have a good day/night.
  2. *bows* welcome to Iwaku! And welcome madness!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! We hope you looove it here! :D
  4. Welcome Welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope you have a lovely time here and feel free to message me anytime if you need help or just wanna chat!

    I promise we don't bite! ...Hard
  5. I like that username! >:3 Welcome to the site, Risque!